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JEE Main Question Paper 2015 in Hindi/English Previous Year Pdf Download

JEE Main Question Paper 2015

Central Board of Secondary Education conducts Joint Entrance Examination every year for those candidates who wish to take admission in various engineering courses in the top colleges. To clear this exam candidate must prepare with JEE Main Question Paper 2015. Candidates can download the Previous Year question papers in Hindi/English through this page in pdf format.

JEE-Main Examination holds two papers i.e. Paper-1 and Paper-2. Paper-1 is for entrance in B.E./B.Tech and Paper-2 is for B.Arch and B.Planning. Both the papers consists multiple choice questions. Those candidates who qualify this exam are called for the counseling on the basis of merit list.

Every candidate wishes for the excellent marks to get the admission in the best college. Those candidates who are preparing for JEE Main Examination 2015 they must take help from the previous year question paper and sample papers. Candidates can make their preparation much better by solving the questions themselves.

Here we the team of providing you the entire details about JEE Main Question Paper 2015 such as how to download the question paper and some direct links to download it on the below section of this page.

Question and Answers:

Q-1: Two cells each of emf E and internal resistance r are connected parallel across a resistor R. The power dissipated in the resistor is maximum if

a)    R = r

b)    R = 3r/2

c)    R = 2r

d)    R = r/2

Answer: (a)

Q-2: In the expansion of (1 + x)n the coefficient of pth and (p+1)th terms are respectively p and q. Then p + q =.

a)    n + 3

b)    n + 2

c)    n + 1

d)    n

Answer: (c)

Q-3: The average translational kinetic energy of 8 g methane at 27°C is:

a)    3.1 x 10-21 J

b)    4.2 x 10-21 J

c)    6.2 x 10-21 J

d)    8.4 x 10-21 J

Answer: (b)

Q-4: A person has 14 red socks and 14 white socks in a drawer. What is the minimum number of socks that he should take to get a correct pair?

a)    5

b)    3

c)    6

d)    4

Answer: (b)

Q-5: The radius of a soap bubble whose potential is 16 Vis doubled. The new potential of the bubble will be

a)    2 V

b)    8 V

c)    4 V

d)    16 V

Answer: (a)

Q-6: which of the following is differentiable at x = 0

a)    cos(|x|) + |x|

b)    sin(|x|) + |x|

c)    cos(|x|) – |x|

d)    sin(|x|) – |x|

Answer: (c)

Q-7: The normality of 0.3M phosphorus acid (H3PO3 ) is

a)    0.1

b)    0.3

c)    0.9

d)    0.6

Answer: (d)

Q-8: NML, KJI, _____, EDC

a)    HGF

b)    JKL

c)    CAB

d)    GHI

Answer: (a)

Q-9: The spectral series of the hydrogen spectrum that lies in the ultraviolet region is the. [CPMT 1990; MP P]

a)    Balmer series

b)    Paschen series

c)    Pfund series

d)    Lyman series

Answer: (d)

Q-10: A molal solution is one that contains one mole of a solute in

a)    1000 gm of the solvent

b)    One litre of the solution

c)    One litre of the solvent

d)    22.4 litres of the solution

Answer: (a)

How to Download JEE Main Question Papers:

  • Firstly the candidates must have to visit the official website i.e.
  • Follow the “Important inks” section.
  • Pres the appropriate link for the question papers.
  • After that select the question papers according to your wish and preferred language.
  • Save it and take a hard copy of it for future reference.


Candidates may visit this Official Link to download the question papers or you may also check the following links.

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