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UPTET Previous Year Question Papers 2014 Download Solved Model Paper Online

UPTET Previous Year Question Papers 2014:

UP Board is responsible for conducting UPTET exam for the selection of eligible candidates for the post of Teachers. UPTET Previous Year Question Papers 2014 will definitely help to those candidates who are going to appear in this exam.

Candidates must know the exam syllabus before appearing in the exam, so here on this page we are giving you Solved Model paper based on the UPTET syllabus. Contenders can also download the Sample papers through online mode.

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 UPTET Solved Model Papers:

Que-1: The word ‘approve’ is opposite in meaning to

  1. confirm
  2. reject
  3. accept
  4. return

Ans: D

Que-2: – Which is not the antonym of “Lovely”?

  1. Ugly
  2. Drab
  3. Awful
  4. Tall

Ans: D

Que-3: Which country has the maximum number of tube-wells in the world?

  1. America
  2. Australia
  3. China
  4. India

Ans: D

Que-4: Carrier of Dengue disease is

  1. Aedes mosquito
  2. Culex mosquito
  3. Housefly
  4. Anopheles mosquito

Ans: A

Que-5: The biochemical laboratory of human body is

  1. stomach
  2. liver
  3. intestine
  4. kidney

Ans: B

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Que-6: Kashmiri Gown is known as

  1. Firan
  2. Angram
  3. Bugtari
  4. Achkan

Ans: A

Que-7: Full form of CNG is

  1. Common National Gas
  2. Compressed Natural Gas
  3. Common Natural Gas
  4. Certified Natural Gas

Ans: B

Que-8: In which state of matter, the distance between the molecules is minimum

  1. Solid
  2. Liquid
  3. Gas
  4. Plasma

Ans: A

Que-9: Which of the following is more important for keeping the good mental health of students?

  1. Provision for curricular activities
  2. Freedom of expression
  3. Variety of interests
  4. Teacher’s role and school environment

Ans: D

Que-10: The Right to Education Act, 2009 specifies that if the number of children admitted for first class to fifth class is above two hundred then the pupil-teacher ratio required is

  1. thirty
  2. forty
  3. forty-five
  4. fifty

Ans: B

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Que-11: Which of the following statements is not true about teaching?

  1. Teaching is modifiable
  2. Teaching is formal and informal
  3. Teaching is a science as well as art
  4. Teaching is instruction

Ans: D

Que-12: Which theory believes that human mind is like an iceberg mostly hidden and has three levels of consciousness?

  1. Trait theory
  2. Type theory
  3. Psychoanalytical theory
  4. Behaviourist theory

Ans: C

Que-13: Carrier of Dengue disease is

  1. Aedes mosquito
  2. Culex mosquito
  3. Housefly
  4. Anopheles mosquito

Ans: A

Que-14: Reducing stress and enhancing success in examination necessitates

  1. A shift towards shorter examination
  2. Examinations to be conducted at different stages of school education
  3. Annual and half yearly exams
  4. Setting up of different agencies for conducting entrance exams

Ans: A

Que-15: For primary school children, which of the following is better?

  1. Video simulation
  2. Demonstrations
  3. Hands-on-experiences
  4. All of these

Ans: C

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Que-16: Which of the followlng is true for a triangle ?

  1. All the angles are always acute angle
  2. One angle is always a right angle
  3. One angle is always an obtuse angle
  4. One angle is always an acute angle

Ans: D

Que-17: On subtracting 8 metric tonne ( mt ) 50 kilogram from 12 metric tonne 8 quintals we get

  1. 3 mt 8 quintal
  2. 4 mt 7 quintal 50 kg
  3. 4 mt 8 quintal 50 kg
  4. 3 mt 8 quintal 50 gm

Ans: B

Que-18: The sum of all interior angles of a square is

  1. 180′
  2. 360′
  3. 270′
  4. none of these

Ans: B

Que-19: One has to run 250 metres to take one round of a ground. A girl has run 75000 centimetres. Then how many rounds has she taken and how many rounds more will she have to take in order to complete a run of 3 kilometres ?

  1. 3, 9
  2. 30, 90
  3. 3, 90
  4. 30, 9

Ans: A

Que-20: The length and breadth of a rectangular field is 60 m and 40 m respectively. If on the outer of its four sides the grass of 5 metre width is planted, then the area of grass planted field is

  1. 1100 m
  2. 1100 sq.m
  3. 1100 sq.m
  4. 525 m

Ans: C

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