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Career In Video Game Industry – Job Opportunities, Career Growth, Scope

Career In Video Game Industry

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Video Game lovers who are seeking career in Video Game Industry to turn their passion into a profession, there are huge scope, Job Opportunities, Career Growth for those who are creative ones. We all love to play video games and think this is as easy to develop a game as we are playing.

The word, Video Game stuck in our mind that there is something related fun oriented and artistic type of thing but there is not as easy as a cake walk. A game designer work very hard in specialized way to make a perfect video game.

Job Opportunities:

Designers who are going forward in this field they have the qualities of planning designing, and creativeness and they also must have passionate about their work. This is the most artistic work than anything.

Designers have to work on that thing, which will attract every age of viewers. After creating an initial copy of a game, a game designer might also test it and work out any bugs or issues in it.

Designer usually works on the game engine, the Artificial Intelligence features, the tools, hardware and network. There are many jobs opportunities open in this field; some of them are framed below

Career Growth

Now a day’s, there are numerous job opportunities in this field like Video game designing, planning and creating video games. Designing video games is a very specialized and challenging career option.

Developing video game is not easy as playing it for fun and usually it takes at least a couple of years for the completion. Choosing career as Video game designers can be the most exciting and artistic decision because they know the story behind the game and the narration. Game Designer makes games for computer and video gaming consoles.

Video Game Designer Jobs:

  • Game Designer
  • Programmer
  • Animator
  • Audio Engineer
  • Writer
  • Translator
  • Video Game Tester
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • QA Localization Tester
  • WordPress Web Programing Designer
  • Webmaster ( Web Designer )
  • Player Support Representative
  • iOS Game Engineer
  • Associate Game Designer
  • Assistant Design Intern (Fall 2014)
  • Multimedia & Instructional Design Specialist,
  • Casual Games Level Designer

Video Game Designer career Scope & Salary:

There is not exact pattern of salary we are giving but a Video game designer will get 50,000+ salary in a month. There is a huge scope in this field; designers have to work on internal side of game with the external too like creating music, sound effects, or character voices in a video game.

Education required for becoming a Video Game Designer?

Creative minded individuals who want to make their career in video game designing they can occur qualification from different types of schools which provide a perfect education in specialized way. To become video game designer, interested ones must have to bachelor’s degree in related field and must have the sufficient knowledge of graphic design including animation, computer programming etc.

Many institutes provide various programs related to video game design degree, which combine several artistic design classes with the course. If you have the degree in game development and now you are not interested in this field, so there are many more options in front of you like training in multimedia, art and programming. A game developer can easily succeed in other fields also.

Career As profession

Banking Railway
MBA Engineering
Graduation Photographer
Pilot Hotel Industry
BA Teaching
Arts,  Science & Commerce Career Options for Women

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