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UPSC Sample Paper, Model Question Paper With Answer Previous Paper Solved

UPSC Sample Paper

  • UPSC examinations are the toughest exams to crack. UPSC sample papers or model question papers with the answer helps the students for their better preparation. You may get the sample papers from here.
  • Sample Papers are the best way of learning for the entrance examinations. Those applicants who are preparing for the UPSC exam they can get the sample paper for the preparation from this page.
  • You may get the more relevant details about UPSC Sample Paper with answers in the below section which is being provided by our web portal that is

Topics in the UPSC prelims and main exam:

  • General Awareness
  • Arithmetic
  • Technical Ability
  • Reasoning Ability
  • General Intelligence
  • Engineering questions

RRB sample Question Papers With Answer

Ques.1). At which of the following places Diesel Component Works is established?

(a)  Jamshedpur

(b)  Patiala

(c)  Perambur

(d)  Varanasi

Answer: B

Ques.2). In which year Research, Design and Standard organization was established?

(a)  1954

(b)  1957

(c)  1959

(d)  1967

Answer: B

Ques.3). It takes 11 seconds for the light to reach the earth from moon and 8 minutes from the sun. How much time will it take from the nearest bright star to reach the earth?

(a)  4.5 minutes

(b)  45 minutes

(c)  45 months

(d)  4.3 light years

Answer: D

Ques.4). The first month of the Saka era is

(a)  Chaitra

(b)  Vaishakha

(c)  Phalguna

(d)  Pausha

Answer: A

Ques.5). The Indian subcontinent was originally part a huge mass called

(a)  Jurassic land mass

(b)  Aryavarta

(c)  Indiana

(d)  Gondwana continent

Answer: D

Ques.6). Many of the Greeks, Kushanas and Shakas embraced Buddhism rather than Hinduism because

(a)  Buddhism was in the ascendant at that time

(b)  they had renounced the policy of war and violence

(c)  caste-ridden Hinduism did not attract them

(d)  Buddhism provided easier access to Indian society

Answer: C

Ques.7) The concept of eight fold path forms the theme of

(a)  Dipavamsa

(b)  Divyavadana

(c)  Mahaparinibban

(d)  Dharma Chakara Pravartana Sutta

Answer: D

Ques.8) Which of the following crops has the highest photosynthetic activity?

(a)  Cotton

(b)  Sugarcane

(c)  Rice

(d)  Wheat

Answer: B

Ques.9) Humidity of the air

(a)  Increases with the increase in atmospheric temperature

(b)  Decreases with the increase in atmospheric temperature

(c)  Is not affected by the change in atmospheric temperature

(d)  Does not show any consistent behaviour with the change in atmospheric temperature

Answer: A

Ques.10) Which of the following States has the largest coastal area in India ?

(a)  Kerala

(b)  Tamil Nadu

(c)  Karnataka

(d)  Andhra Pradesh

Answer: D

Ques.11).The current rating of a cable depends on

(a)  length of cable

(b)  diameter of cable

(c)  both length and diameter of cable

(d)  none of the above

Answer: B

Ques.12).In an ac circuit, the maximum and minimum values of power factor can be

(a)  2 and 0

(b)  1 and 0

(c)  0 and -1

(d)  1 and -1

Answer: B

Ques.13).The household energy meter is

(a)  indicating instrument

(b)  recording instrument

(c)  integrating instrument

(d)  none of the above

Answer: C

Ques.14).The self bias provides

(a)  stable Q point

(b)  large voltage gain

(c)  high input impedance

(d)  high base current

Answer: A

Ques.15).A forward voltage of 9 V is applied to a diode in series with a 1 kΩ load resistor. The voltage across load resistor is zero. It indicates that

(a)  diode is short circuited

(b)  diode is open circuited

(c)  resistor is open circuited

(d)  diode is either short circuited or open circuited

Answer: B

Ques.16).A thyristor has a turn on time of 6 μs. If the anode circuit is inductive, the turn on time will be

(a)  6 μs

(b)  less than 6μs

(c)  more than 6 μs

(d)  either 6 μs or les

Answer: B

Ques.17).The maximum discharge over a broad crested weir is

(a)  0.384 Cd x L x H1/2

(b)  0.384 Cd x L x H3/2

(c)  1.71 Cd x L x H1/2

(d)  1.71 Cd x L x H3/2

Answer: D

Ques.18).The algebraic sum of the resolved parts of a number of forces in a given direction is equal to the resolved part of their resultant in the same direction. This is known as

(a)  principle of independence of force

(b)  principle of resolution of forces

(c)  principle of transmissibility of forces

(d)  none of these

Answer: B

Ques.19).Which of the following statement is wrong ?

(a)  Locomotive boiler is a water tube boiler.

(b)  Water tube boilers are internally fired.

(c)  La-mont boiler is a low pressure water tube boiler.

(d)  all of the above

Answer: D

Ques.20).The cross-section of a chisel is usually

(a)  Rectangular

(b)  Square

(c)  Hexagonal

(d)  Octagonal

Answer: D

Some conventional questions:

Ques.1).State and explain the working of centrifugal clutch. Give one application of it.

 Ques.2).Define slew rate and PSRR of an operational amplifier. Explain clearly the difference between band width, transient response and slew rate of an op-amp.

Ques.3).What is a bolometer? How many types of bolometer exist?

Ques.4).Explain the phenomena of super conductivity

Ques.5).Name four materials used as shape tools in electrochemical machining.

So guys there are some sample questions which came in UPSC examination.

Note: the conventional questions come only in the IAS and IES examinations.

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