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TNPSC VAO Question Paper Free Download Model Sample Exam Bank Solved 2014

VAO (Village Administrative Officers) exam is conducted by Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC) for recruitment of talented candidates. Aspirants can free download solved model sample question paper 2014 for exam preparation.

Aspirants who want to make their career in government sector they must apply for VAO exam and they need study material for exam preparation. There are two categories of TNPSC VAO exam –general knowledge and General English. Applicants need to obtain 90 marks out of 200 to qualify the examination. is providing TNPSC solved Question Paper which definitely helps candidates.

TNPSC VAO Question Paper

Ques: 1. Sahaj and Sugam are new income Tax Return forms. These forms are meant for which class of Income Tax Payees?

(1) Big Business Men

(2) Salaried Persons and Small Businessmen / Professionals

(3) Corporate

(4) All of the above

Answer: (2) Salaried Persons and Small Businessmen / Professionals

Ques: 2. The term Insider Trading is associated with?

(1) Stock Markets

(2) Defence Services

(3) Parliamentary Procedures

(4) Sports

Answer: (1) Stock Markets

Ques: 3. What is full form of ASBA?

(1) Amount Saved and Balance in Account

(2) Account Savings and Banking Ascertainment

(3) Applications Supported by Blocked Amount

(4) Already Savings Blocked Amount

Answer: (3) Applications Supported by Blocked Amount

Ques: 4. How many months of a year, according to the Gregorian calender, have been named after Roman emperors?

(1) 0

(2) 1

(3) 2

(4) 3

Answer: (3) 2

Ques: 5. World Health Day is observed on

(1) June 5

(2) April 7

(3) June 7

(4) July 11

Answer: (2) April 7

Ques: 6. Consumer Day is celebrated every year on

(1) 1 April

(2) 23 October

(3) 15 March

(4) 5 December

Answer: (3) 15 March

Ques: 7. The most glorious king of the Chola dynasty who conquered Ceylon was

(1) Rajaraja I

(2) Rajendra II

(3) Rajendra Chola

(4) Gangai Konda Chola

Answer: (3) Rajendra Chola

Ques: 8. What is the amount given along with the satuette and commendation to a

Dronacharya  award winner?

(1) Rs. 10 lakh

(2) Rs. 5 lakh

(3) Rs. 3 lakh

(4) Rs. 1 lakh

Answer: (2) Rs. 5 lakh

Ques: 9. Who is the chairman of International Olympic Committee?

(1) Juan Antonio Samaranch

(2) Jacques Rogge

(3) Kim – un – Yong

(4) Dick Pound

Answer: (2) Jacques Rogge

Ques: 10. Where did International Cricket Council (ICC) shift its headquarters from Lords,

United Kingdom on August 1, 2005?

(1) Sydney

(2) Melbourne

(3) Jamaica

(4) Dubai

Answer: (4) Dubai

Ques: 11. In which game the term Putting is used?

(1) Hockey

(2) Chess

(3) Golf

(4) Billiards

Answer: (3) Golf

Ques: 12. A money deposited in a bank that cannot be withdrawn for a preset fixed period

of time is known as a

(1) Term deposit

(2) Checking Account

(3) Savings Bank Deposit

(4) No Frills Account

Answer: (1) Term deposit

Ques: 13. Which of the following is not a Money Market Instrument?

(1) Treasury Bills

(2) Commercial Paper

(3) Certificate of Deposit

(4) Equity Shares

Answer: (4) Equity Shares

Ques: 14. Technological advancement in recent times has given a new dimension to banks,

mainly to which of the following aspects?

(1) New Age Financial Derivatives

(2) Service Delivery Mechanism

(3) Any Banking

(4) Any Type Banking

Answer: (3) Any Banking

Ques: 15. Which of the following is NOT required for opening a bank account?

(1) Identify Proof

(2) Address Proof

(3) Recent Photographs

(4) Domicile Certificate

Answer: (4) Domicile Certificate

Ques: 16. What is Call Money?

(1) Money borrowed or lent for a day or over night

(2) Money borrowed for more than one day but upto 3 days

(3) Money borrowed for more than one day but upto 7 days

(4) Money borrowed for more than one day but upto 14 days

Answer:  (1) Money borrowed or lent for a day or over night

Ques: 17. Which of the following is NOT a part of India s Money Market?

(1) Bill Markets

(2) Call Money Market

(3) Banks

(4) Indian Gold Council

Answer: (4) Indian Gold Council

Ques: 18. SAFTA Pact is associated with which of the following intergovernmental group of


(1) G – 8

(2) OPEC


(4) G – 20

Answer: (3) SAARC

Ques: 19. Increasing the fare for the 1st time in 8 years, the Railway Budget for 2012-13,

envisaged how many new trains?

(1) 90

(2) 113

(3) 145

(4) 166

Answer: (3) 145

Ques: 20. Which of the following Public Sector companies / organizations provide insurance cover to exporters?

(1) ECGC


(3) IRDA


Answer: (1) ECGC

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