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TANCET Previous Year Question Papers With Answers Free Download PDF 2014

Aspirants who are looking for TANCET Previous Year Question Papers they are at the right place. Candidates can free download Question Papers With Answers PDF from the below segment.

Anna University conducts Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test (TANCET) for its MBA, MCA and M.E. /M. Tech/M. Arch/M. Plan degree programs. Candidates who are going to appear in TANCET they need previous year paper for preparing well. is providing Question Papers with Answer which helps aspirants for getting knowledge of exact pattern and syllabus of exam.

TANCET Previous Year Question With Answers

Ques: 1. If the depth is kept constant for beam of uniform strength then its width will vary

proportional to

(1) M

(2) Sqrt(M)

(3) M^2


Answer: (1) M

Ques:2. When nuclear change takes place, which is true

(1) Energy is destroyed

(2) Energy is released

(3) Energy is changed

(4) None of these

Answer: (2) Energy is released

Ques:3. The relative randomness of molecules in the states of matter is best indicated by

(1)Solid > Liquids > Gas

(2) Liquid > Gas > Solid

(3)Liquid > Solid > Gas

 (4)Gas > Liquid > Solid

Answer: (4)Gas > Liquid > Solid

Ques:4. An aircraft gas turbine operates on

 (1)Sterling cycle

 (2) Bryton cycle

 (3)Rankine cycle

 (4) Otto cycle

Answer: (2) Bryton cycle

Ques:5. Quick return motion is used in a




(4) grinder

Answer: (3)shaper

Ques:6. In a transistor when base-width decreases with increasing collector to base voltage,

this phenomenon is called

 (1)Early Effect

 (2)Thermal Runaway

 (3) Tunnelling


 Answer: (1)Early Effect

Ques:7. The internal impedence of an ideal current source is

(1) Zero


(3) High


Answer: (1) Zero

Ques:8. The operation of enlarging of a hole is called

(1) Drilling

(2) Reaming

(3) Boring

(4) Counter sinking

Answer: (3) boring

Ques:9. Sprue is the passing provided for the

 (1) Outflow

 (2) Smooth flow


 (4) Solidification of the molten material

Answer: (3) Inflow

Ques:10. Brasses and bronzes are welded using

 (1) Neutral flame

 (2)Oxidizing flames

 (3)carburising flame

 (4) Reducing flame

Answer: (1) Neutral flame

Ques:11. Which of the following has the highest stable atom ?

(1) Bi


(3) Cl

(4) Pb

Answer: (4) Pb

Ques: 12. The technique of Nick Translation was developed by

(1)Rigby and Paul Berg

(2) Winkler

(3)Roderick and Rigby

 (4)  None of them

Answer: (1)Rigby and Paul Berg

Ques: 13. The type of transmission used for sound in TV transmission is


 (2) FM

 (3) PCM

 (4) PWM

Answer: (2) FM

Ques: 14. A micrometer screw has pitch of 0.5 mm and the themble has 100 equal divisions

marked on it, the least count of the instrument in mm is



 (3)  0.025

 (4) 0.005

Answer: (4) 0.005

Ques: 15. The type of transmission used for television in India is

(1) DAB SC


(3) VSB

(4) SSB-SC

Answer: (3) VSB

Ques: 16. The objective of time study is to determine the time taken by

 (1) a new worker

 (2) a trainee

 (3) a very good worker

 (4) efficient machine utilization

Answer: (4) efficient machine utilization

Ques: 17. According to IS:456-1978, the maximum reinforcement in a column is


(2) 4%

(3) 6%

(4) 8%

Answer: (3) 6%

Ques: 18. In a process chart the inverted triangle symbol indicates

(1) an operation

 (2) Inspection

 (3) Storage

 (4) Transport

Answer: (3) Storage

Ques: 19. The input signal to reciever is 50 mw and the internal noise at the input is 5 mw.

After amplification the signal at the output is 2w and the noise output 0.4w. This noise

Figure is

(1) 2




Answer: (1) 2

Ques: 20. Mandrels are used to hold

(1) Cutting tools

(2) hollow work pieces

(3) face plate

 (4) Drill bits

Answer: (2) hollow work pieces

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