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SSC General Awareness Paper 2014 Previous Year sample Papers Solved PDF

SSC General Awareness Paper 2014:

SSC Previous Year Sample Paper 2014 has provided for those aspirants who want to appear in SSC Exams. Aspirants must check solved PDF of General Awareness from the below section.

Staff Selection Commission conducts exam for filling up various vacancies in its department. Job seekers who stand perfect in eligibility standards they must submit their application either online or offline mode for SSC advertisement 2014

Candidates must check SSC previous year sample paper 2014 of General Awareness in the below segment to get a view about sequence of questions provided in exam.

Previous Year Question & Answer:

Ques: 1.Depression formed due to deflating action of winds are called

(1) Playas

(2) Yardang

(3) Ventifacts

(4) Sand dunes

Answer: (2) Yardang

Ques: 2. Shekel’ is the currency of –

(1) Kenya

(2) Iran

(3) Israel

(4) Iraq

Answer: (c) Israel

Ques:3. According to the World Health Organization’s cancer agency’s report declared on

12 June 2012, …….. is the most probable cause of cancer among the people.

(1) Diesel Fumes

(2) Dust

(3) Petrol exhaust

(4) None of the above

Answer: (1) Diesel Fumes

Ques: 4. Who is the author of the book ‘Cosmos’

(1) Carl Sagan

(2) Isaaq Asimov

(3) Arthur C. Clarke

(4) Michael Christian

Answer: (1) Carl Sagan

Ques: 5. Marx belonged to

(1) Germany

(2) Holland

(3) France

(4) Britain

Answer: (1) Germany

Ques: 6. India and U.S. have decided to finalize agreements related to which of the


(1) Trade and Investment

(2) Intellectual Property

(3) Traditional Knowledge

(4) All of the above

Answer: (4) All of the above

Ques: 7. Which of the following is called the “ecological hot spot of India”?

(1) Western Ghats

(2) Eastern Ghals

(3) Western Himalayas

(4) Eastern Himalayas

Answer: (1) Western Ghats

Ques: 8. What is the maximum life of an ordinance promulgated by the president?

(1) Five month

(2) Four month

(3) Three month

(4) Six month

Answer: (4) Six month

Ques: 9. Primary gold is a gold of

(1) 22 carat

(2) 24carat

(3) 18 carat

(4) None of these

Answer: (2) 24carat

Ques: 10. Kolkata Knight Riders claimed its first ever IPL title on 27 May 2012. The final match of the IPL Five was played in which of the following city?

(1) Chennai

(2) Mumbai

(3) Kolkata

(4) Hyderabad

Answer: (1) Chennai

Ques: 11. Which one of the following statements is wrong?

(1) Maria Yuryevna Sharapova won French Open 2012 on 9 June 2012

(2) She defeated Saria Erani of Italy

(3) This was Sharapova’s first French open title

(4) Sharapova with the French Open Title completed her career grand slam

Answer: (4) Sharapova with the French Open Title completed her career grand slam

Ques: 12. NIS stands for

(1) National Infectious diseases Seminar

(2) National Irrigation Schedule

(3) National Immunisation Schedule

(4) National Information Sector

Answer: (4) National Information Sector

Ques: 13. ‘C’ language is a

(1) Low level language

(2) High level language

(3) Machine level language

(4) Assembly level language

Answer: (2) High level language

Ques: 14. The material used in the manufacture of lead pencil is

(1) Mica

(2) Lead

(3) Carbon

(4) Graphite

Answer: (4) Graphite

Ques: 15. Soil erosion on hill slopes can be checked by

(1) Contour Ploughing

(2) Strip Cropping

(3) Terrace Cultivation

(4) Aforestation

Answer: (3) Terrace Cultivation

Ques: 16. Radek Stepanek is a world famous

(1) Hockey Player

(2) Cricket Player

(3) Tennis Player

(4) Chess Player

Answer: (3) Tennis Player

Ques: 17. Who coined the word ‘Geography’?

(1) Ptolemy

(2) Eratosthenes

(3) Hacataus

(4) Herodatus

Answer: (2) Eratosthenes

Ques: 18. Harshvardhana was defeated by

(1) Prabhakaravardhana

(2) Pulakesin II

(3) Narasimhasvarma Pallava

(4) Sasanka

Answer: (3) Narasimhasvarma Pallava

Ques: 19. Which Governor General is associated with Doctrine of Lapse?

(1) Lord Ripon

(2) Lord Dalhousie

(3) Lord Bentinck

(4) Lord Curzon

Answer: (2) Lord Dalhousie

Ques: 20. The isotope used for the production of atomic energy is

(1) U-235

(2) U-238

(3) U-234

(4) U-236

Answer: (1) U-235

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