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SSC Data Entry Operator Solved Papers 2014 Previous Year Sample Free PDF

SSC Data Entry Operator Solved Papers 2014:

Job seekers who are preparing for SSC Data Entry Operator exam 2014 they need previous year solved paper for preparing well in exam. Aspirants can get free sample paper PDF through online mode.

Aspirants need solved sample paper for exam preparation to know the correct pattern and syllabus for exam. Solved paper of SSC Data Entry Operator exam 2014 are tuned in the below section by the team of

Previous year paper Question Answer:

Question: 1.What should come in the place of (?) in the given series? .ACE, FGH, ?, PON





Answer: (A) KKK

Question: 2.Select the correct option in place of the question mark.






Ans. (C) IWX

Question: 3. If ‘CAT’ and ‘BOAT’ are written as XZG and ‘YLZG’ respectively in a code

language how is ‘EGG’ to be written in the same language?





Ans. (C) VTT

Question: 4. ‘Pencil’ is to ‘Write’ as ‘Knife’ is to ………

(A) Injure

(B) Peel

(C) Prick

(D) Attack

Ans. (B) Peel

Question: 5. Socrates by profession was—

(A) Philosopher

(B) Idler

(C) Politician

(D) None of these

Ans : (D) None of these

Question: 6. ‘Guilt’ is to ‘Past’ as ‘Hope’ is to …………

(A) Present

(B) Future

(C) Today

(D) Hopeless

Ans. (B) Future

Question: 7. What is the missing number in this series? 8 2 14 6 11 ? 14 6 18 12

(A) 5

(B) 9

(C) 10

(D) 6

Ans. (B) 9

Question: 8.A monkey starts climbing up a tree 20ft. tall. Each hour, it hops 3ft. and slips

back 2ft. How much time would it take the monkey to reach the top?

(A) 5 hours

(B) 18 hours

(C) 10 hours

(D) 6 hours

Ans. (B) 18 hours

Question: 9. Can you find out what day of the week was January 12, 1979?

(A) Sunday

(B) Monday

(C) Friday

(D) Saturday

Ans. (C) Friday

Question: 10. Find the least value of 3x + 4y if x2y3 = 6.

(A) 5

(B) 9

(C) 10

(D) 6

Ans. (C)10

Question: 11. Three pipes, A, B, & C are attached to a tank. A & B can fill it in 20 & 30

minutes respectively while C can empty it in 15 minutes. If A, B & C are kept open

successively for 1 minute each, how soon will the tank be filled?

(A) 134 minutes

(B) 90 minutes

(C) 100 minutes

(D) 167 minutes

Ans. (D)167 minutes

Question: 12. EIGHTY: GIEYTH: : OUTPUT:?






Question: 13. What should come in the place of question mark in the following series?

1, 4, 9, 25, 36, ?

(A) 48

(B) 49

(C) 52

(D) 56

Ans. (B) 49

Question: 14. Select the one which is different from the other three.

(A) Bokaro

(B) Jamshedpur

(C) Bhilai

(D) Agra

Ans. (D) Agra

Question: 15. In a code language SINGER is written as AIBCED then GINGER will be written

in the same code as—






Question: 16. Nageena is taller than Pushpa but not as tall as Manish. Rama is taller than

Namita but not as tall as Pushpa. Who among them is the tallest?

(A) Manish

(B) Pushpa

(C) Namita

(D) Nageena

Ans. (A) Manish

Question: 17. Air’ is to ‘Bird’ as ‘Water’ is to ……..

(A) Drink

(B) Fish

(C) Wash

(D) Swim

Ans. (B) Fish

Question: 18. If it takes five minutes to boil one egg, how long will it take to boil four eggs?

(A) Ten minutes

(B) Two minutes

(C) Five minutes

(D) forty minutes

Ans. (D) Five minutes

Question: 19. Stammering’ is to ‘Speech’ as Deafness is to …………

(A) Ear

(B) Hearing

(C) Noise

(D) Commotion

Ans. (B) Hearing

Question: 20. ‘Medicine’ is related to ‘Patient’ in the same way as ‘Education’ is related to—

(A) Teacher

(B) School

(C) Student

(D) Tuition

Ans. (C) Student

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