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SNAP Sample/Model Papers, Previous Year Question Papers With Solutions

SNAP Sample/Model Papers

Candidates who are searching for SNAP Sample/Model Papers for SNAP Exam 2014 they are at the right place. Aspirants can get SNAP Previous Year Question Papers With Solutions from the below section.

Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP) 2014 conducts every year by Symbiosis International University for those eligible students who want to get admission in Post Graduation programs.

With the help of SNAP Sample/Model Papers, aspirants can prepare well for exam with exact pattern. is providing Previous Year Question Papers With Solutions in the below section

Previous Year Question Papers With Solutions:

Question: 1. The average age of a husband and wife was 22 years when they were married five years back. What is the present average age of the family if they have a three year old child?

(A) 25 years

(B) 19 years

(C) 27 years

(D) 28 years

Answer: (B)19 years

Question:2. In an examination, 40 % students fail in Maths, 30% in English and 15% in both. Find the pass percentage.

(A) 50%

(B) 65%

(C) 30%

(D) 45%

Answer: (D) 45%

Question:3. A train runs for 2 hrs at the speed of 35km/hr. It runs for 3 1/2 hrs at the speed of 60km/hr and then runs for 2 1/2 hrs at the speed of 70km/hr. Find the average speed of the train:

(A) 50km/hr

(B) 55 km/hr

(C) 56.87km/hr

(D) 80 km/hr

Answer: (C) 56.87km/hr

Question: 4. A 300 m. long train passes a pole in 12 secs. What is its speed in km/hour ?

(A) 40 km/hr

(B) 72km/hr

(C) 90km/hr

(D) 120km/hr

Answer: (C) 90km/hr

Question: 5. One- half of the students at an Indian University study German and 1/3 of others study French. The remaining 600 do not study any foreign language. How many students are there in the university?

(A) 7200

(B) 1800

(C) 3600

(D) 2700

Answer: (B) 1800

Question: 6. Nautical mile is a unit of distance used in




(D)Space travel

Answer: (A) Navigation

Question: 7. The National Anthem of India was composed by

A)Bankim Chandra Chatterji

(B)Acharya Vinoba Bhave

(C)Subash Chandra Bose

(D)Rabindra Nath Tagore

Answer: (D)Rabindra Nath Tagore

Question:8. What will be the angle between two hands of a clock at time 8.30 ?

(A)90 degree

(B)60 degree

(C)45 degree

(D)75 degree

Answer: (D)75 degree

Question:9. When 8% of 630 is added to 12% of 315, the sum is:


(B)44 .1



Answer: (D)88.2

Question:10. Kalidasa, the great Indian poet, was in the court of the Hindu emperor:

(A)Asoka the Great

(B)Chandragupta 2

(C)Samudra Gupta

(D)Chandra Gupta Maurya

Answer: (B)Chandragupta 2

Question:11. Ozone layer above the earth is between

(A)10 and 15 km.

(B)50 and 80 km

(C)80 and 110km

(D)15 and 50km.

Answer: (D)15 and 50km.

Question:12. If a train travels 90km.per hour in 8 minutes it travels:





Answer: (D)12,000 m

Question:13. Area of a triangle 20m. length and 15m.breadth





Answer: (A)300sq.m

Question:14. 15% 0f 120 + 25% of 100 :





Answer: (D) 43

Question:15. The greatest negative integer is




(D) – 1

Answer: (D) – 1

Question:16. The antonym of “adversary ” is :





Answer: (B)Friend

Question:17. The officer ———- out five minutes ago

(A)Has gone

(B)Had gone

(C)Is gone


Answer: (D)Went

Question:18. “Kakkandan’ is the pen name of :

(A)George Varghese

(B) K.M.Mathew



Answer: (A)George Varghese

Question:19. Law Advisor of the Central Government

(A)Attorney General

(B)Chief Justice

(C)Solicitor General

(D)Adocate General

Answer: (A)Attorney General

Question:20. Author of “Sathyardhaprakasha”

(A)Swami Vivekananda

(B)Annie Besant

(C)Dayananda Saraswathi

(D)Seyd Ahemedkhan

Answer: (C)Dayananda Saraswathi

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