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GATE Question Papers – Previous Year Papers, Sample/ Mock Test Solved PDF

Aspirants who are looking for GATE previous year question paper are on right page. Candidates can get solved sample paper in PDF form, Mock test details in the below section.

GATE exam is conduct by Indian Institute of Science and seven Indian Institutes of Technology for those aspirants who want to get admission in post graduate engineering courses. Talented students who are preparing for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering Exam they need previous year paper for scoring good in exams.

Aspirants who have done Graduation/ Post graduation are eligible to apply for GATE exam. is providing Previous Year question answers in PDF form which will definitely help candidates for exam preparations’:

GATE Question Answers:

Ques: 1. The bit rate of a digital communication system is R kbits/s. The modulation used is

32-QAM. The minimum bandwidth required for ISI free transmission is

 (A) R/10 Hz

 (B) R/10 kHz

 (C) R/5 Hz

 (D) R/5 kHz

Answer: (B) R/10 kHz

Ques: 2. The current in the 1Ω resistor in Amps is

 (A) 2

(B) 3.33

(C) 10

(D) 12

Answer: (C) 10

Ques: 3. Choose the grammatically CORRECT sentence:

 (A) Two and two add four

 (B) Two and two become four

 (C) Two and two are four

(D) Two and two make four

Answer: (D) Two and two make four

Ques: 4.A resistor is connected across a 50 V source. What is the current in the resistor if the color code is red, orange, orange, silver?

(A).2 mA

(B).2.2 mA

(C).214 mA

(D).21.4 mA

Answer: (B).2.2 mA

Ques: 5.In the complex plane, the number 14 – j5 is located in the

(A).first quadrant

(B).second quadrant

(C).third quadrant

(D).fourth quadrant

Answer: (D).fourth quadrant

Ques: 6. In a glass tube type water indicator for a boiler, one end of the tube is connected to water space and the other end is connected to

(A)water space also


(C)steam space


Answer: (C)steam space

Ques: 7. A grate, in a boiler, is a place in the combustion chamber upon which fuel (wood or coal) is burnt.



Answer: A)True

Ques: 8. A cordless telephone using separate frequencies for transmission in base and portable units is known as

(A) duplex arrangement

(B) half duplex arrangement

 (C) either (a) or (b)

(D) neither (a) nor (b)

Answer: (A) duplex arrangement

Ques: 9. For attenuation of high frequencies we should use

(A) shunt capacitance

(B) series capacitance

(C) inductance

(D) resistance

Answer: (A) shunt capacitance

Ques: 10. A woofer should be fed from the input through a

(A) low pass filter

 (B) high pass filter

(C) band pass filter

(D) band stop filter

Answer: (A) low pass filter

Ques: 11.Which of the following can be accessed only sequentially?

(A) Floppy disk

(B) Hard disk

(C) Magnetic tape


Answer: (C) Magnetic tape

Ques: 12. 8085 has 6 sign flags.

(A) True

(B) False

Answer: (B) False

Ques: 13. A cycloconverter can be

(A) step down

(B) step up

(C) step down or step up

(D) none of the above

Answer: (C) step down or step up

Ques: 14. In a 3 phase fully controlled converter the firing frequency is

(A) 3 times the line frequency

 (B) 6 times the line frequency

(C) 9 times the line frequency

(D) 12 times the line frequency

Answer: (B) 6 times the line frequency

Ques: 15. The amount of dielectric heating is inversely proportional to frequency

(A) True

(B) False

Answer: (B) False

Ques: 16. If the cross-sectional area of a magnetic field increases, but the flux remains the same, the flux density

(A) Increases

 (B) Decreases

(C) Remains the same

 (D) Doubles

Answer: (B) Decreases

Ques: 17. To prevent a DC return between source and load, it is necessary to use

(A) resistor between source and load

(B) Inductor between source and load

(C) Capacitor between source and load

 (D) Either (a) or (b)

Answer: (C) Capacitor between source and load

Ques: 18. Which of the following oscillators is suitable for frequencies in the range of mega hertz?

(A) RC phase shift

(B)  Wien bridge

(C) Hartley

 (D) Both (a) and (c)

Answer: (C) Hartley

Ques: 19. The ratio of the actual damping coefficient to the critical damping coefficient is called damping factor.

(A) True

(B) False

Answer: (A) True

Ques: 20. In a coupling rod of a locomotive, each of the four pairs is a __________ pair.

(A) sliding

(B) turning

(C) rolling

 (D) screw

Answer: (B) turning

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