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DMRC Previous Year Papers 2015 (JE, CR) Sample Question Paper Solved PDF

DMRC Previous Year Papers 2015

  • Aspirants who are planning for the DMRC (Junior Engineer, Central Region) Examination 2015 must need to prepare best through DMRC Previous Year Papers
  • Every aspirant tries its best for the good preparation and one of the best ways is to prepare from the solved sample papers, and previous year question papers.
  • DMRC is one of the toughest competitive exams so candidates are always in search of good sample papers and questions at the time of preparations.
  • Here we, providing you some DMRC previous year sample paper questions in pdf or text format which will surely help you.

DMRC (Junior Engineer, Central Region) Previous Year Papers With Answers

Q-1: The guage factor for doped crystals is in the range

A)   0.5 to 1

B)   1 to 2

C)   2 to 20

D)   100 to 5000

Answer: (D)

Q-2: The turbine in which the runner blades move and adjust themselves during the operation of turbine is called _____ turbine

A)   Francis

B)   Kaplan

C)   Modern Francis

D)   All the above

Answer: (B)

Q-3: Cast iron contains one of the following % of carbon

A)   0.3 to 0.6 %

B)   0.05 to 0.3 %

C)   0.6 to 1.3 %

D)   2 to 4 %

Answer: (D)

Q-4: What is the principle of working of thermocouple vacuum guage?

A)   Variation of pressure of gases with temperature

B)   Variation of thermal conductivity of gases with pressure

C)   Variation of kinetic energy of gases with pressure

D)   None of the above

Answer: (B)

Q-5: Standard data used in work study is a

A)   table of time required for various jobs

B)   table of time required for various jobs

C)   table of cost of components

D)   catalogue of elemental time standard

Answer: (D)

Q-6: A hydraulic jump is used for

A)   increasing the depth of flow

B)   reducing the energy of flow

C)   decreasing the velocity of flow

D)   reducing turbulence

Answer: (C)

Q-7: A Ryall crest voltmeter is used to measure which one?

A)   Peak Voltage

B)   D.C Voltage

C)   All of the above

D)   R.M.S Voltage

Answer: (A)

Q-8: Direct expense includes

A)   factory expenses

B)   factory expenses

C)   material costs

D)   administrative expenses

Answer (C)

Q-9: The forces coming over the dam is mainly resisted by

A)   water pressure

B)   uplift pressure

C)   self weight of the dam

D)   all the above

Answer: (C)

Q-10: Two stroke IC engines are commonly used in 2 wheelers because the

A)   power to weight ratio is high

B)   thermal efficiency is high

C)   lube oil consumption is less

D)   cnoise is less

Answer: (A)

Q-11: If the carrier of a 100 percent modulated AM transmitter is suppressed, the percentage power saving will be

A)   150

B)   66.6

C)   190

D)   100

Answer: (B)

Q-12: The canal through which water is led into mouth of the penstocks is

A)   fore day

B)   tail race

C)   trash rack

D)   power canal

Answer: (D)

Q-13: For transmitting power without slip one of the following drives is used

A)   belt drives

B)   rope drives

C)   cone pulleys

D)   chain drives

Answer: (D)

Q-14: A low Q factor has

A)   Flat Response

B)   Peaked Response

C)   Lower Losses

D)   Higher losses and flat response

Answer: (C)

Q-15: Kerosene is used as coolant, while machining

A)   mild steel

B)   cast iron

C)   stainless steel

D)   aluminium

Answer: (B)

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