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Tips for Telephonic Interview

The trend of telephonic interview is catching on as it saves employers’ time and money and help them to shortlist the candidates quickly. The phone interview is easy to conduct a second or third time or more, if needed it better to know how to go about it.

The best Way to deal with it is to be prepared in advance about what you would speak. Take care that you are comfortable and do not get nervous. Speak with the same ease as you would speak to a friend. While speaking about yourself you should be simple, clear, straightforward and objective. Do not boast about your qualifications or achievements and give relevant and substantive information.


  • Since telephone interview can play a decisive role, you have to be cautious in attending such calls. You should be comfortable as well as discreet in your speech. Don’t forget that your voice indicates your mood, attitude, thinking etc. and also reflects your personality to certain extent.
  • First thing to remember is to wish the person as soon as he reveals his identity.
  • Listen attentively and patiently before answering.
  • It is advisable to prepare a list of answer and a short resume. Keep it with you so that you can refer to it , if needed.
  • While replying you should speak boldly, energetically. Be relaxed.
  • Be short and to the point. Be relaxed.
  • It is better to confirm from the interviewer whether you are audible to him or her.
  • If the interviewer speaking at a fast pace, you must also be fast in answering.
  • Don’t interrupt the interviewer while he or she is asking something.
  • While speaking on phone you must appear cheerful. Avoid sounding bored or being monotonous.
  • Avoid being in hurry! When you speak you have to give time to the listener to first listen to you then react. Rather, try to make it absorbing.
  • There is no harm in following the style of someone else’s speech if it sounds better. However, if you behave in artificial way it will spoil you impression.
  • Be specific with details. Do not be vague.

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