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APPSC Previous Papers / Model Exam Papers Download With Answers

APPSC Previous Papers:

APPSC Previous Papers and Model Exam Papers are very useful for those candidates who are preparing for APPSC exam. Candidates can download exam papers with answers from the below section.

Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission conducts exam every year for those candidates who want to make their career in govt. sector. We are providing some Sample Paper and Previous Year Questions paper with solutions which are definitely prove accommodating to students.

A huge number of candidates are looking for the Sample Paper for rapid view and doing well in APPSC exam 2014. Here on this page we are providing you complete information about the Previous Year Questions of the Exam.

APPSC Group 4 Exam Pattern 2014: Check Details

APPSC Group 4 Syllabus 2014: Check Details is providing sample paper for candidates to get a better idea about the question pattern.

1. Which plays were written by Harshavardhan?

(i) Priyadarsika (ii) Ratanavali (iii) Nagananda

(1) (i) only

(2) (i) and (ii) only

(3) (ii) and (iii) only

(4) All the three

Answer: (4)

2. He was given the title of Nizam-ul-Mulk. He was made the Governor of the Deccan. He

founded the Asaf Jahi dynasty. His successors are called the Nizams of Hyderabad. Identify


(1) Chin Quilich Khan

(2) Murshid Quli Khan

(3) Saadat Khan

(4) Husain Ali Khan

Answer: (1)

3. Who has rejected the ‘Safety Valve Theory’ about the foundation of the Congress calling it the ‘myth’?

(1) A.O. Hume

(2) A. R. Desai

(3) Tarachand

(4) Bipan Chandra

Answer: (4)

4. Which of the following statements are true about Ajatashatru?

(a) His name was also Kunika,

(b) He was the last ruler of the Haryanka dynasty.

(c) The first Budhist council was held at Rajgruh during his regime.

(d) He integrated Lichhavi kingdom into Magadh.

(1) (a), (b) and (d)

(2) (a), (c) and (d)

(3) (a), (b) and (c)

(4) (b), (c) and (d)

Answer: (2)

5. The Maratha power suffered from certain basic weaknesses which led to its downfall. Which of the following was not one among them?

(1) The nature of their political system the Marathas alienated the sympathies of other people.

(2) Their raids into the territories of other rulers made new enemies.

(3) The levies charged by them added to the oppression of the common people, particularly peasants and traders.

(4) None of the above

Answer: (2)

6. Arrange the following British trading centre’s in their chronological order. Choose the correct answer option.

(i) Calcutta

(ii) Surat

(iii) Madras

(iv) Bombay

(1) (i), (ii), (iii), (iv)

(2) (iv), (i), (iii), (ii)

(3) (ii). (iii), (iv), (i)

(4) (ii), (iii), (i), (iv)

Answer: (3)

7. Who, among the following revolutionaries, was an atheist and a socialist in approach?

(1) Damodar Chaphekar

(2) Vinayak Damodar Savarkar

(3) Arabindo Ghosh

(4) Bhagat Singh

Answer: (4)

8. Which one of the following statements about the Faizpur Session of Congress is not true?

(1) It was the first Session of Congress held in the rural area.

(2) It was attended by about 40,000 peasants.

(3) Dhanajinana Choudhari and Sane Guruji played an important role in organizing this session.

(4) Shankarrao Deo presided over this session.

Answer: (4)

9. The early nationalists provided the firm foundation to the 20th century freedom movement through:

(1) Politics of petitions

(2) Constitutional means

(3) Agitational way

(4) Economic critique of colonialism

Answer: (3)

10. Which hills connected Eastern and Western Ghats?





Answer: (1)

Note: For more previous year papers check Official Link.

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