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Sales Interview Questions and Answers – Sample Examples for Freshers 2015

For freshers Interview is the toughest and be frightened of aspect of hiring process. If you completed your homework, than only, you can make the first good impression in front of an interviewer and can give a successful interview.

We provide here some of the important Sales Interview 2015 questions that you must have to read. You can also check the Sales Interview Questions and Answers that are best suited and also some examples for fresher 2015.

Sales Interview Questions and Answers – Sample Examples for Freshers 2015 –

Sales Interview Questions and Answers

Question Tell me about yourself?
Ans. – In this question it very important that what you are saying. You must include your educational qualification and work experience followed by you skills and abilities. You must be cleared in your mind that what to include in your answer and what things to leave.

Question Why do you want to join Sales?
Ans. – Do not simply say that you like it or it having good money. This can give negative point to your impression. You must be clear about your vision and explain your answer with taking a real life example also.  You can tell about the sales history and current positioning. The challenges that it gives and opportunities it provides.

Question What motivates you to sell?
Ans. – It is really hard that what are the exactly thing that motivates you. You must be prepared with such questions and a suitable example so you can elaborate your answer.

Question Could you see yourself enjoying this job for 10 years or more? Why?
Ans. – Definitely your answer must be yes, because the interviewer never select the person who will leave there company sooner. Whether there is no guarantee that an employee will stay within same company for 10 years. But you can give a good reason to stay with the company and can make a positive impression of retaining with a same company till both are satisfied management and employee.

Question Sell me this pen?
Ans. – This is only asked to check your ability and the confidence level. Do not give any sign of hesitation and be optimistic. Here you can show all your abilities. You can give your best for it to get the job.

Question What interests you most about this sales position?
Ans. – The chance to travel universally, and apply my experience in sales is what benefits me most about this position.

Question How did you land your most successful sale?
Ans. – You can tell about the most recent experiences and how you tackle the pressure and also the customers. You have to sell your skills here. Give your best and be optimistic and assertive. Try to give an example mostly so you can elaborate your answer properly.

Question How would your colleagues describe you?
Ans. – My classmates describe me as tenacious, detail focusing, and successful.

Question What makes you a good sales person?
Ans. – Here you can tell all about your skills and abilities. Tell about your capabilities and vision too. You can tell how you give satisfaction to the customers that deals with you.

How your supervisor would describe you?
Ans. – Tell about the comments that you ever got on your good work from your supervisor. You can mention those comment that are showing your skill and defines your abilities itself.

There many other questions that you must be prepared with –

  • Do you prefer a long or short sales cycle?
  • Are you comfortable making cold calls?
  • What do you least like about being in sales?
  • What do you find most rewarding about being in sales?
  • Have you consistently met your sales goals?
  • What do you know about this company?
  • What are your long term career goals?
  • Quality product or excellent customer service?

These are some examples of question for the freshers that must be prepared by you so you can compete in Sales Interview 2015. Be prepared with the answers and some examples that you can mention for enhancing your answer and making a good impression.

These questions above are the mostly asked questions and you can answer those with your abilities and telling about your capabilities and skills. We hope for, your best in Sales Interview 2015.

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