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Marketing Job Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers 2014

Marketing Job is quite energetic, creative and tricky. Hence, employer has to gauge the candidates from their confidence of answering in the interview. There are limited of questions and variety of answer. On the basis of your answer your ability is measured.

For freshers we are providing many of Marketing Job Interview Questions and best suited Answers of 2014. You must read these Marketing Job Interview questions and Answer 2014 for freshers for your full preparation completion.

Marketing Job Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers 2014

Question Tell me about yourself?
Ans. – Firstly asked to make the candidate relax but also tricky. You must have to include you background, educational details, skills and abilities in 5-6 lines.

Question Why do you want to get into marketing?
Ans. – Specify your reason with example why you chosen the Marketing as your -career. Your reason must be impressive and telling about the marketing that interviewer can say “Yes this is the good reason to be in marketing job”.

Question Have you applied to any other areas apart from marketing?
Ans. – Be honest and confident. Tell about the Marketing occupation skills that needed are much suited to your vision and your skills making you the best fit for it too.

Question Can you give me an example of a marketing campaign that did not work out as you had planned?
Ans. – It gives a great chance for you that how think and creative too. Discuss all the failed campaign that have some reason of poor objectives, less research or improper planning, etc. You must know why the campaign fails so you can explain it some examples too.

Question If you were a brand, which brand you would be and why?
Ans. – Do some homework for such questions. Here your marketing skills will make you special. This is the time to pull out an example that shows you have it. Good answer will differentiate you from other candidates, even you are freshers.

Question Tell me about a brand that you think is an example of good marketing?
Ans. – You can identify one of your favorite brands and tell about its position and target. You only can do this if you have done some research on it.

Question What have you been doing most recently and why are you looking to make a change. Briefly summarize your experience.
Ans. – Here is the chance to say what you know. Such type of Marketing job Interview questions are open-ended in which you could tell what your ideal job environment looks like, and why you believe that this company is good fit.

Question What factors do you consider most important when attempting to influence consumer behavior?
Ans. – You have to show that how culture, social, personal, psychological factors impact together on consumer’s behavior. The best answer would include an example and tell about a marketing campaign or project that uses these four keys to develop and optimize the project.

Question What are biggest challenges that a marketing manager faces today?
Ans. – You can also define all about the economic conditions and tough challenges in market available are the major challenges for any marketing manager. Coming up with new and effective ways and ideas to market a product where customers have more power than ever is the major challenge. You can tackle these types of questions by telling more about the condition of market today.

Question Which of our products or services most appeals to you and why?
Ans. – Here you are indirectly asked that how much you know about the organization and how much you have done your homework and researched about the company and its products and services. You can tell about how their products and services describe their uniqueness in the market.

Question What makes you think that a degree in *** will get you a job with us?
Ans. – This is quite challenging question for you. But be confidently tell about your skills and activities and how this degree furnishes your skills and making you the suitable fit for the marketing job.

We hope we mentioned most commonly asked questions that will help you in the Marketing job interviews and complete your preparation.

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