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Hotel Management Interview Questions with Best Answers 2014

Hotel management needs different types of skills and potential in the candidates. Interviewer is finding for the energetic person having good social skills, business sense, and artist’s eye detail that enough suited for the job.

I you are going for the Hotel Management Interview then for you we have provided the common Hotel Management Interview Questions with best answers 2014. One should read these Hotel Management Interview 2014 Questions and Answers for complete and good preparation.

Hotel Management Interview Questions with Best Answers 2014

Question Tell us about yourself?
Ans. – You can tell about yourself within 5 to 6 lines. Your answer must concern to your background and educational details followed by your skills, experiences and abilities that you can perform or apply for you current job.

Question What are your biggest strengths?
Ans. – It is a good chance to elaborate your answer with your skills and experiences and elaborate your answer using the real-life example that you ever experienced. Tell about your skill that makes you unique than others.

Question What makes you good Hotel Manager?
Ans. – It takes an individual that has an interior positive energy and the skill to share and harvest that energy in the staff that he/she is managing. A good manager creates the job fun, thrilling, and full of opening for all involved.

Question What is your day like?
Ans. – My average day is goes to 90% dealing with employees, guests, and eventual guests, plus corporate client and group management and rest of 10% administrative jobs such as AP/AR, payroll, etc.

Question What is adding value?
Ans. – Adding value can be described as adding extra article, image, products or services, which improves value to the product. For example a gorgeous receptionist adds to the quality of hotel, a garnish on food increases the value of the food. It can be service device, service staff, environment, image of the holder or chef, etc. Travel agency enlarges value to the quality of hotel or vice versa.

Question Why did you join hotel and tourism sector?
Ans. – You have a chance to tell more about what you know about this sector. You can tell about the statistics and other details and the booming sector of it which can give an opportunity for others. You can also give a real life example for it and make your chances more to be shortlist. You must have done some research about the company for the forthcoming question similar to it.

Question What is your favorite part of this job?
Ans. – You can tell about what you can do here in this job which motivates you to join this job. Show your eagerness to join for this job and elaborate your answer and be clear in your point of view.

Question Do you belong to any outside organizations? If so how do you find them beneficial to you and your company?
Ans. – You can tell honestly and must have a good reason for it too.

Question How will you train your employees?
Ans. - I prefer to let my workers be trained by all the team fellows that they will work with. This confirms a blended knowledge approach that lets them decide how best to do their job.

Question What will make guests want to stay at your hotel?
Ans. – This is quite tricky question, and you must be prepared with such a good answer that can convince the interviewer to shortlist you without any difficulty. You can mention few of the things that attract the customer in the hotel and you can only understand if you start thinking like a customer.

We provided these above questions and answer that are mostly asked in the new job for hotel Management field Interview 2014. We hope that this will help you in your preparation of cracking Hotel Management Interview 2014.

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