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Computer Science Interview Questions and Answers – Tech & HR Round

Friends, if you are searching for computer science Interview Questions then your search are finished here. We are providing you many of the computer Science related questions and answers for your help in Interviews.

You can check the Tech & HR Round Interview questions here and the best suited answers also given with it. You must read the following CS & IT Interview Questions and Answer for you complete preparation and getting the shortlisted for the job.

Technical Round Computer Science Interview Questions and Answers

Question Which of the functions are performed by loader?
Ans. – Loader allocates the memory space to the program and resolve symbolic references between object decks. Physically place machine instructions and adjust address dependent locations.

Question What are the advantages of incorporating the macro processor into pass 1?
Ans. – First main advantage is that many functions do not have to be implemented twice. Procedures are united and it is not important to create intermediate files as output from the macro processor and input to the assembler. There is more flexibility is accessible by the programmer in which he/she may use all the functionality of the assembler in concurrence with macros.

Question What is a self-relocating program is one which?
Ans. – A self-relocating program is one which can perform the relocation of its address-sensitive portions itself.

Question Did you know the computer language used in artificial intelligence?
Ans. – Prolog is a common purpose logic programming language correlated with artificial intelligence and computational linguistics.

Question What is a local block?
Ans. – A local block is any part of a program that is between the starting tag or braces ({) and ending tag or braces (}). Simply saying the local blocks are the portion enclosed with two braces or tags in any programming language.

Question Should variables be stored in local blocks?
Ans. – No, we should have to avoid the use of local blocks for a good programming. It is only done in the rare exceptions.

Question When is the switch statement better than if else condition?
Ans. – When there is the requirements of multi choice options type situations that time switch case is more preferable then that of if-else conditional statements.

Question Is a default case is necessary in a switch statement?
Ans. – In case of C language it is not necessary, but many languages prefer to put default case. We should put the default case in switch statement for error or logic checking purpose. Like if you switch statement is handling the limited number of conditions, and user inputs the value outside those conditions. Then inserting default case you can handle those too by declaring them logic error.

Question Explain different way of using threat?
Ans. – We can implement a thread class through runnable interface or inheriting Thread class. For multiple inheritance interface runnable helps to implement Thread.

Question What is an abstract class and different from interface?”
Ans. – Abstract class is like a template for other class that can be extended or sub-classed. Any class having abstract method is automatically an abstract class.

HR Round Computer Science Interview Questions and Answers

Question Tell us about yourself?
Ans. – It may be the first simple question to make you relax for interview. By some trick you can take this interview session on your abilities at any direction that you want. The answer of this question is related to your personal background, educational, skills and abilities, etc.

Question What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Ans. – You must gauge yourself for few minute to answer against this question. Always be assertive in your answer and be confident.

Question What are your short term goals?
Ans. – Try to explain properly your vision that is suitable to you and the company would be the first step to this. Show your eagerness to work.

Question Why should we hire?
Ans. – You can simply answer to this. You must have to show that how much your skills are beneficial to the company. And tell about those skills that showing your passions and creativeness.

Question What is your management style?
Ans. – Simply answer to such question after gauging yourself and your activities. Tell to make sure that your management skills are also too good as your technical part of life.

We tried our best to make you perfect for Computer Science Interview with practicing of Interview Questions and answers.

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