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Civil Engineering Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers 2014

Civil Engineering is a stream which deals with study of design, construction and maintenance of bridges, buildings, dams, roads, etc. Many of freshers try for various government and private jobs.

But for getting shortlist for the job the selection procedure of any public or private company includes the personal Interview for freshers 2014. If you are unaware to the questions asked in Civil Engineering Interview 2014, then this section is only for you.

We are providing many of the Civil Engineering Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers 2014 for their preparation will complete. You must review these Civil Engineering 2014 questions and answers to be prepared.

Question What are the main reasons of building collapse?
Ans. – Passage of time is the core reason and weak foundations, natural calamities like earthquakes, whirlwinds, etc., are the major reasons for building collapse. Bombing and damage is also another chief reason.

Question State the applications of modulus of elasticity.
Ans. – Modulus of elasticity is linked to the elasticity of the substantial. The value of modulus of elasticity is pretty necessary in case of glance of different items used in building construction.

Question How are the freeway bridges built?
Ans. – The traffic that is possible to go over the bridge at a time is projected and the cement, rocked with rebar stanchions is sited over the freeway to build a bridge. Off-ramp from freeway to the bridge and on-ramp from the bridge to the freeway are built. Cement blocks are used to build a platform.

Question What is the basic difference in absorption, adsorption, and solution?
Ans. – Absorption refers to the sensation where energy of photon is shifted to other entity.

Adsorption is similar to absorption. It states to the surface pretty than a volume. A material diffuses in liquid or solid to custom a solution.

Question Difference between routine maintenance and major maintenance for school facilities:
Ans. – Routine maintenance is control the slight repairs of the school site. Major maintenance can be overall rebuilding or makeover of the school.

Question What is soil analysis?
Ans. – Soil analysis is the checking of soil to define the nutritional and elemental composition of soil. It is normally analyze for knowing the substances of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous.

Question State the building codes.
Ans. – Building codes are the group of terms to ensure the protection associated with any building manufacture. These codes are related with the height, spacing, and installation of the construction. These codes play a vital role in emptying the building in case of any emergency situations.

Question Difference between seepage, infiltration and percolation?
Ans. – *Seepage - When water arrives the ground shallow at the upstream side of a holding structure like a dam and comes-out at the downstream side.
*Infiltration – Water enters but it come-out and increases the humidity content of the soil.
*Percolation - When water arrive ground surface and moves through the soil to lastly join the ground water reserves.

Question What are some quick tests to differentiate between silt and clay in the field?
Ans. – *Dilatancy test - A wet soil sample kept in the palm of the hand and shacked speedily. In case of silt, water will be reflected on the palm on account of greater absorptivity.
*Dispersion test - A little quantity of soil is putted in a glass of water. If soil settles within some minutes (i.e. 10-15 minutes), then it is silt. If a turbid suspension is formed its clay

Question What advantage does an arch have over a beam?
Ans. – An arched structure conveys fewer bending moment than a beam structure for the alike loading and span. A part of the instant due to vertical loading is offset by the flat thrust in case of arches.
For a parabolic arch exposed to a uniformly spread load, bending moment is zero at each section of the arch.

There are many Questions that you can practice. We tried our best to provide the most important Civil Engineering questions with answers.

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