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Aeronautical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers – Tech & HR Stage

Aeronautical Engineering Company nowadays, taking two rounds to shortlist you as an Aeronautical Engineer in their company. If you are going to apply or appearing for an interview then you must be aware of the Interview questions that have been asked frequently by an Interviewer from most of the candidates.

Friends, we are providing here Aeronautical Engineering Interview Questions for your help with the best suited Answers. We are also providing the HR Stage and the Technical Stage interview Questions and Answers for your complete preparation.

HR Stage Aeronautical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers –

Question Say something about yourself?
Ans. – Mostly asked to begin the Interview session to learn something about you. Never give a sign of nervousness. With the same question you can tell all about your skills, background, educational details, and about your capabilities.

Question What are your strengths?
Ans. – Be prepared with some questions related to your skills that may be your strengths. Point out those strengths that are required in the job profile.

Question What are your weaknesses?
Ans. – Weakness is the opposite way to gauge individual skills. Do not get nervous. Be confidently told about those weaknesses that doesn’t affect your skills and work.

Question How can you handle stress and pressure?
Ans. – Stress and pressure are the part of work which may be important at some extend. You can answer such questions on your ability and also elaborate your answer with some your real life examples.

Question Why should we appoint you?
Ans. – Here you are asked for some extra skills and energy that what you can do for the company if you are hired. So, be confident and answer it as they want.

Question What was the biggest accomplishment in this position?
Ans. – This is not too much tricky if you are prepared with such type of questions. You can answer it with your previous experiences.

Question Tell something about yourself that is not mentioned in your Resume?
Ans. – Never say that you are hard worker or anything else that may not impress the interviewer. Tell those some skills or ability that you have and also not mentioned in your resume/ CV too. This can show how much creative you are.

Question What are your future plan/ goals?
Ans. – You can simply tell about your topmost position that you want to acquire in the same company, or any other vision that is best suited to your same profile.

Question What is you desired salary? Did you deserve it?
Ans. – Simply you can ask for the salary what will be offered to such position without tempering their trust and faith.

Question Why you want this job?
Ans. – Show your eagerness to do this job in your answer.

Tech Stage Aeronautical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers –

Question How we want to study Aeronautical?
Ans. – Aeronautical is not a thing to study. We should understand it instead of studying the concept that how to fly. That’s make the aero students best one’s in all disciplines in every college.

Question How the VFD working?
Ans. – VFD having 3 main segments specifically Rectifier, DC bus, Inverter. By Rectifier AC input supply is changed to DC. In this section main part is pulse also attaining converted by no. of Diodes. In DC bus unit having capacitor, which stores the power in it. In Inverter unit the DC is changed to AC supply.

Question Can a carbon di oxide gas use a fuel source?
Ans. – Many of the new technologies broken down the CO2 into Oxygen and Carbon Monoxide. And this Carbon-monoxide usually can utilize for producing plastics and gas.

Question What are the objectives of Aerodynamics?
Ans. – There are some of the objectives of Aerodynamics are –

  • It is used to forecast the forces, moments and heat transfer from the figures that is moving over the liquid.
  • It deals with the drive of wings or usage of the wind force. This way it needs the calculations to be complete for the aerodynamic heating of the flight vehicles and the hydrodynamic forces functional on the surface of the vehicle.
  • It is used to govern the flows that are moving within through channels. This approach it makes the controls and measurement of the flow properties that is exclusive the rocket and jet engines.

Question What is yawing motion?
Ans. – Yawing motion is the sideways motion aircraft about the lateral axis or we can simply say side to side motion of aircraft.

Question What type of bearing used in the helicopters?
Ans. – Elastomeric bearings are used in helicopters, which are designed from rubber type material and have limited movement that is exact needed for helicopter.

Question How can we draw design the airfoils using NACA series?
Ans. – It is available on internet from where we can download it and start plotting the coordinates. Many of the templates are also available on net.

Question What is ram jet?
Ans. – It is a jet with no moving parts, only fuel spayed and burned.

Question Can you miss the clearance limit and loose commands from the Aircraft Officer?
Ans. – Yes, this is a policy and procedure to be followed for missing clearance limit. Pilot can go to different altitude and come back to the proper clearance limit after things get controlled.

Question Which is the high thrust producing jet engine?
Ans. – Ram jet engine is the one which produces high thrust.

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