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Advertising Interview Questions and Answers – Best Tips to Crack Interview

There are number of questions asked in different companies for different positions in Advertising stream.

If you are going for any Advertising Interview than be prepared with some most commonly asked Advertising Interview Questions and must read the Best tips to crack Interview that we have provided below only for you.

We are providing the mostly asked Advertising Interview Questions and Answer that are best suited to it. You would also get the help with our best tips to crack Advertising Interview.

Best Tips to Crack Advertising Interview

  • Your first look is much important to make your first impression. So wear simple clothes i.e. formal and proper groomed hair.
  • Neither blames other nor compares you with other. Some questions like Why you are best than others jobseekers here? Why should we hire you? Why you left your previous job? Other similar questions are only to gauge your calmness under pressure and confidence too. You can tell about your skills and abilities but never bad-mouth your previous employer or anyone else. Teel about your challenges and goals that your current jobs is providing best suit for you.
  • Sell your skills and abilities. Tell more about your abilities and capabilities using some examples and experiences.
  • Try to elaborate your answer using different and real life examples to convince the interviewer.
  • Be positive and optimistic while Advertising Interview needs your attentiveness and this job needs creative people.
  • Maintain calmness during whole period of Interview. If any question asked like how would you react if you have to report younger person than you? Then control your attitude and make them feel that for you, your work is more important than the position.
  • Be prepared with mostly asked and most important question that can be asked in your interview.
  • Make the proper eye contact to the interviewer while answering and be attentive to what the next question can be asked.
  • You can take your Interview session at any way that you want to take.
  • Do not give any sign of nervousness and hesitation that can give a negative effect in your impression.
  • Before going for any interview you must complete your homework. Do some relevant research to the position and company profile you are applying for and you can also visit there official website for more details.

Advertising Interview Questions and Answers

There are many of the questions for which you must be prepared and have a suitable real life example so you can tackle the questions easily. You must read the following question and be prepared.

Question What is advertising?
Ans. – Advertising is described as a funded form of communication that reaches the objective audience through bulk media to provide product/service and brand associated material.

Question How would you design and promote an advertising campaign?
Ans. – An advertisement campaign must include:

  • A solid marketing plan
  • Advertising budget
  • Media buying and planning
  • Choosing the right target audience
  • Selection of relevant advertising medium
  • Consistency in campaign theme and
  • Frequency

Question What are the various media available for advertising today? Which of them is most successful in your opinion and why?
Ans. – There different media available these days:

  • Media Advertising (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines)
  • Direct Response Advertising
  • Interactive (on-line) Advertising & Web Sites
  • Outdoor Advertising (billboards, posters, cinema)
  • Point-of-Purchase Advertising
  • Trade Promotions
  • Consumer Promotions
  • Sponsorship of Event Marketing
  • Publicity or Public Relations
  • Media Advertising (TV, radio, newspaper, magazines)
  • Trade Journal Advertising
  • Interactive (on-line) Advertising & Web Sites
  • Directories
  • Direct Mail
  • Brochures & Sales Literature
  • Brochures & Sales Literature
  • Audio-Visual Presentation Tapes
  • Giveaways
  • Sponsorship or Event Marketing
  • Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Conventions
  • Publicity or Public Relations

Question What are the various ways to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign?
Ans. – There are different ways to measure the effectiveness of an advertising company:

  • Directing a survey after the campaign ends
  • Proportionate increase in the sales of that particular product/service
  • More customers calling to a toll-free and prescribed lines
  • Redemption of coupons and vouchers
  • Increased footfalls in the store to purchase product/service
  • Increased click on the company’s website

Question What qualities does a person need to be successful in the field of advertising?
Ans. – There are few qualities that are required to be successful in the advertising field –

  • Creativity
  • Strategic focus
  • Knowledge and expertise in the field of advertising
  • Holding a relevant qualification in the field of advertising
  • Market research orientation
  • People skills etc.

There many other questions that you must be prepared for –

Ques 1        How would you choose the best media to promote your advertisement?

Ques 2        How effective is online advertising? Which type of products should be advertised online?

Ques 3        What factors would you consider to decide the target audience of your Ad?

Ques 4        Why are interested in advertising as a career?

Ques 5        What is your favorite campaign, past and present, and why?

Ques 6        What tools have you used to create ad campaigns?

Ques 7        Do you have media planning experience?

Ques 8        How would you integrate social media into advertising campaigns?

Ques 9        If advertising became obsolete, what would your next career field be?

Ques 10     How do you measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign?

Ques 11     How would you design and implement an advertising campaign for a new product?

Ques 12     How would you react to an unhappy client?

Ques 13     Is any publicity, even bad, good publicity?

Ques 14     What qualities are needed for success in this field?

Ques 15     What are the major trends in advertising today?

Ques 16     What is the difference between marketing, sales and advertising?

Ques 17     What is the most effective way to measure and track advertising campaigns?

Ques 18     How would you describe this agency?

Ques 19     What is this company’s mission?

Ques 20     Why would this agency be a good fit for you?

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