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Questions on Science and Technology, Geography, Sports & Games Affairs

Dear Viewers, if you are preparing for Government Exam and looking for latest solved Questions and Answer than you have reached at accurate place here we are providing you few questions with answer on such topic Geography, Science and Technology, Sports & Game.

Q-1) Which lake forms an international boundary between Tanzania and Ugandia?

Ans-1) Victoria

Q-2) Which one is known as the “Coffee port” of the world?

Ans-2) Santas

Q-3) The shortest distance between two places on the globe is along

Ans-3) Amazon

Q-4) Which country leads in life-expectancy?

Ans-4) Amazon

Q-5) “Indian standard Meridian” passes through the states of

Ans-5) U.P, M.P, Odisha and A.P

Q-6) Kishtwar town is situated on the bank of

Ans-6) Jhelum

Q-7) India’s biggest super thermal power station is located in

Ans-7) Koradi (near Nagpur)

Q-8) Total area of India under logging (type) situation is

Ans-8) 6 million hectare

Q-9) The largest industry in India is

Ans-9) Textile Industry

Q-10) Lymphs differs from blood in not having

Ans-10)Red blood corpuscles

Q-11) Universal receivers can receive blood from

Ans-11) GroupsO,A,B,AB

Q-12) Astrology is the

Ans-12) Study of grasses

Q-13) Which law is involved in the act of cleaning a carpet by beating it with a stick

Ans-13) Newton’s first law of motion

Q-14) The most common type of radioactive disintegration involves the emiisssion of

Ans-14) Beta particles

Q-15) Genes controls characters of living organism through

Ans-15) Protein synthesis

Q-16) Organism that derive their nutrients from dead organic matters, are

Ans-16) Saprophytes

Q-17) Diamond is harder than graphite because of

Ans-17) Difference of crystallization structure

Q-18) Nitrogen in air

Ans-18) Dilute oxygen which is very active in pure form

Q-19) Milk is an example of

Ans-19) Emulsion

Q-20) Name the Indian woman weight- lifter who won Maiden National title in National weight lifting championship, 2013 ?

Ans-20) Manpreet Kaur

Q-21) Which Olympics gold medalists won athlete of the year award at JAAA Golden cleats award ceremony?

Ans-21)Usain bolt

Q-22) In January 2013, which Indian was named  as Ceat international cricketer of the year?

Ans-22)Virat kohli

Q-23) Which pair won the pan pacific open  tennis championship women’s double title held in Tokyo in September 2013

Ans-23)Sania Mirza ( India) and cara black(Zimbabwe)

Q-24) Which Indian Wrestler clinched silver medal in world wrestling championship held in September 2013 in Budapest , Hungary?

Ans-24)Amit Kumar

Q-25) World cup cricket 2015 will be organized in

Ans-25) Australia and New Zealand

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