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Indian National Movement Questions & Answers | Polity & Constitution History

Dear viewers, here on this page we are providing you some important  solved question and answers concerning to Indian Polity and Constitution, Indian National Movement, Economics Affairs of India. Candidates those who are preparing for their Government EXAM they can prepare well by reading this mentioned given solved questions answer carefully.

Q-1) Indian constitution provides free and compulsory education to which group of children?

Ans-1) 6-14 years

Q-2) The doctrine that the fundamental rights cannot be amended under Article 368 was propounded by the supreme court in

Ans-2) Golaknath Vs. State of Madras Case

Q-3) In which list of Indian Constitution is the subject of population control and family planning included?

Ans-3) Cocurrent List

Q-4) In which five year plan was the panchayati Raj suggested?

Ans-4) Second five year plan

Q-5) The authority which is empowered to make laws in respects to the matters that are not included in any of the three lists

Ans-5) Parliament

Q-6) The Rajya Sabha can take initiative in

Ans-6) Creating New All India Services

Q-7 Under which articles, is it possible to appoint the same person as the governor of two states?

Ans-7) Article153

Q-8 Who was the first External affairs Minister of India?

Ans-8) Jawaharlal Nehru

Q-9) Central Social Welfare board is an example of

Ans-9) Functional Decentralization

Q-10) Freedom is our aim and Hinduism can fufil our desire” Who said it?

Ans-10) Aurobindo Ghose

Q-11) Who said” The congress people and hungry for posts”?

Ans-11) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Q-12) Which Indian patriopt died in jail due to hunger strike?

Ans-12) Yatindra Nath Das

Q-13)Who started the Bhoodan Movement?

Ans-13) Saint Vinoba Bhave

Q-14) When did the final expansion of British rule Complete?

Ans-14) In Dufferin’s Time

Q-15) Who was the chairman of Constitution Drafting Committee?

Ans-15) Dr. B.R Ambedkar

Q-16) For how many times was gandhiji elected the president of Indian Ntional Congress?

Ans-16) Only Once

Q-17) when did Gandhi ji start the civil Disobedience movement?

Ans-17) In 1930

Q-18) Which Governor General started the civil Service Examination in India?

Ans-18) Lord Dalhousie

Q-19) What was the main cause of 4th Anglo Maratha War?

Ans-19) Tipu’s relation with French

Q-20) When was Assam made an independent province?

Ans – 20) In 1991, when the partition of Bengal was cancelled

Q-21) Who was the ruler of Vijynagar when Vasco- Da Gama came to India?

Ans-21) Natresh Nayak

Q-22) Who was the saint of Bhakti Movement?

Ans-22) Chitanya Mahaprabhu

Q-23) Who built the jama Mosque of Delhi?

Ans-23) Shahjahan

Q-24) Who said that there was no slavery in India?

Ans-24) Megathese

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