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Indian Economic Affairs 2014 | Indian Agricultural Economics Questions

Dear Viewers, if you are preparing for Government Exam and looking for latest solved Questions and Answer than you have reached at accurate place here we are providing you few questions with answer on such topic like Economics affair of India & Agriculture.

Q-1) The Cause of deflation is

Ans-1) Lack of money supply as compared to supply of goods and services

Q-2) “World Economic Outlook” report is published by

Ans-2) IMF

Q-3) “Pure Banking Nothing else” is a slogan raised by

Ans-3) State bank of India

Q-4) Insider Trading is related to

Ans-4) Share market

Q-5) Public sector means

Ans-5) Government ownership of commerce and trade

Q-6) Indian Green Revolution is most successful in

Ans-6) Wheat and Rice

Q-7) Indian green revolution is most successful in

Ans-7) Wheat and Rice

Q-8) NABARD was established in

Ans-8) Sixth plan

Q-9) Devaluation means

Ans-9) To reduce the value of home currency in other currency

Q-10) Which company holds the highest share in India’s GSM Mobile Service market?

Ans-10) Airtel

Q-11) Economic planning is in

Ans-11) Concurrent List

Q-12) Increase in net RBI Credit for central government represents

Ans-12) Monestised Deficit

Q-13) A wilt diseases in banana , is caused by fungus known as

Ans-13) Fusarium oxysporium

Q-14) Damoing off diseases in papaya is caused by

Ans-14) Fungus

Q-15) Coarls cereals include

Ans-15) Jowar , Bajra, Maize, Ragi,and small Millets

Q-16) Central Rice Research Institute( CRRI – Under ICAR System) is located at

Ans-16) Cuttack( Odisha)

Q-17) Tree of heaven say, kalpavriksha is

Ans-17) Cocunut Tree

Q-18) Multi crop thresher(power driven) is used in threshing crops

Ans-18) Wheat/ barley crops

Q-19) Acid rains contain

Ans-19) H2SO4(Sulphuric acid)

Q-20) State tree of Up is

Ans -20) Ashok tree

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