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Cognizant Tech Solutions (CTS) Placement Papers 2013 Online Free Download

CTS Placement Papers 2013:

  • Cognizant Tech Solutions (CTS) Placement Papers 2013 are published on this web page for such candidates who have keen desire to do a job in this organization. All the visitors of this portal may get these documents Online for Free Download.
  • CTS or Cognizant Technology Solutions conducts written Exam for the recruitment in various sectors based on the given problem.
  • Now aspirants will come to know about the pattern of exam and types of questions which are frequently by the job seekers.

CTS Exam Pattern 2013

Cognizant paper consists of three sections which are mentioned below:

Section No. of Questions Timings (in minutes)
Verbal 25 20
Analytical 25 30
Attention 20 20


Verbal Sections

  • Select the correct sentences among given sentences
  • Find the incorrect sentences among given sentences
  • Jumbled sentences
  • Two reading comprehension passages (global warming, whales and hunters)

Analytical section

Q.1. In a class there are 150 people who speak English and 125 people who speak Hindi. 55 speak both languages and at least one student speaks one language.

  1. How many students speak at least one language?

Ans. 220

2. How many people speak only one language?

Ans. 165

Q.2. In a class everyone will play at least one sport viz table tennis, cricket and badminton. 73 students play table tennis, 79 play badminton, 75 play cricket and 25 students play both table tennis and badminton, 24 play both table tennis and cricket 30 play. Badminton and cricket and 16 students play all the sports.

  1. How many students are there in the class?

Ans. 16

2. How many students play only cricket?

Ans. 37

Q.3. A cube is cut into 216 parts. The 2nd 4th & 6th layers of the front face are removed & then painted black. Now answer the following questions:

  1. How many cubes r painted on only one side?
  2. How many cubes r painted on only 2 sides?
  3. How many cubes r painted on only 3 sides?
  4. How many cubes r painted on only 4 sides?
  5. How many cubes r painted 0 sides?

Data sufficiency questions

  • Only condition 1 is required to solve
  • Only condition 2 is required to solve
  • Both are required
  • Both are not sufficient

Attention Section

Choose the correct option based on the following statement

Q.1. If Tendulkar plays till end India will win the match

I.        Tendulkar plays till end

II.        India wins the match

III.        Tendulkar falls cheaply

IV.        India loses d match

a)    I, II

b)    I, II & III, IV

c)    II

d)    IV

Q.2. If X travels without a ticket he will be fined 50 bucks

I.        X buys d ticket

II.        X w2as not fined

III.        X doesn’t buy a ticket

IV.        x was fined

a)    I, II

b)    III, IV

c)    I, II & III, IV

d)    none


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