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Science And Technology Current Affairs 2015 Latest Discoveries, Inventions

Technology is growing faster day by day and facilities are also increasing according to new inventions in this field. Science plays a most vital role to fulfill the basic needs in everyone’s life. Without science and Technology life can’t be imagined today. Here on this page we will provide you all the Science and Technology Current Affairs 2015. Along with this, all the current information regarding Latest Discoveries and inventions will be given to you on this page.

Latest News on Science & Technology: Headlines

  1. New Element 117 named Ununseptium set to join the periodic table
  2. Scientists from South Korea had invented Silver nanowires-based nanoscale Fingerprints developed to protect credit cards
  3. Indian Engineer, Anil K. Rajvanshi honoured by the University of Florida for his work in in the field of renewable energy in India
  4. Microsoft has released a bug fix for millions of the users of Windows XP
  5. Bluefin 21- a robotic submarine – deployed to solve mystery of lost Malaysian plane MH370
  6. Scientists developed Solar Jet Fuel for the first time using Sunlight, water and carbon dioxide (Co2) in Europe

You may also fetch all the current affairs regarding Science and technology month wise or date wise. Regarding this you may also get all the current news and events which are or going to be take place not only in India but also in the world.

Want to know latest affairs and more current events.

Latest Discoveries

All the latest discoveries, research, and happenings which are going to be held all around will be provided to you in this section. Dear Aspirants! If you are preparing for government sectors then this section helps you to crack your entrance examination.

You may see the latest discoveries and inventions list from below

Inventors Inventions
John Vincent Atanasoff Modern digital computer
Edwin Howard Armstrong FM radio
Hovannes Adamian Tricolor principle of the color television
John Bardeen Co-inventor of the transistor
William Cullen First artificial- refrigerator
Rudolf Diesel– Diesel engine
Gene Dolgoff LCD projector
Alexander Fleming penicillin
Chuck Hull 3D printer
Karl Jatho Aeroplane
Cai Lun– Paper
Willis Carrier Air Conditioning
Thomas Edison Gramophone
Alexander Graham Bell Microphone
Edward Butler Motorcycle

Current Affairs are not only asked in competitive exams but also in recruitment or interviews. So you need to read all the news carefully time to time. We will update this page of current affairs time to time so that you may know that what inventions are happening in the world.

All the latest inventions, research, Techno science, History of Science and Technology, List of Indian inventions, Discoveries, Information Technology in India and so on will be provided to you in this section.

Not only for the students, latest events and happenings related to Science are also beneficial for those all who want to walk equally with this world.Science and Technology Current Affairs 2015 are provided to you below.

Latest Current Affairs 2015 Category Wise

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