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Teachers Day 5th September 2013 Poems, Why Is It Celebrated

Teacher Day 5th September 2013

Teacher day is peculiar day for student and teachers. Teachers can play a vital role in the society since teacher act as a creator to create good and trustworthy human beings. We can say teachers are the pillar for our society. Teachers teach us the best way of living. They teach us the lessons not only of book but also the lessons of life. Let pay our great respect to our teachers.

 ”Guru Govind Dou Khade,Kake Lagu Paye;

“Balihari Guru Apke Govind Diyo Milaye”

Meaning is that if both God and Guru are standing, who’s feet will you touch first? It has to be Guru only since with the help of Guru we are able to reach the GOD.

Why Is It Celebrated?

Date of the Teacher Day can vary country to country. In India Teacher day is keeped on dated 05 September since 1962. Teacher Day memorializes the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakhrishnan, an Indian philosopher, statesman, president of India and a teacher. He played a crucial rule in education system. This special day our country commemorates to the teachers who do the hard work with their pupils to make their life.

Teachers Day 5th September 2013 Poems

Prayer for the respected teachers

“Shikshak Divas par shikshak ke,

hum sugeet gayenge,Khushiyan manayenge.

Happy teachers day to teachers,

happy teachers day to my Lord.

Geeton ko sargam me dalenge,

ye gadhi anokhi hain ayi .

Shikshak ki hove badai is din ki tumko badhai.

Happy teachers day to teachers,

happy teachers day to my Lord.”

Poem for the Honourable Shikshaks

Maa jeevan deti hain,

pita naam or suraksha karte hain.

lekin sachche sanskar,

shikshak jeevan mein sikhate hain.

Sachai or sahi marg par chalna,

sikshak humein bataate hain.

Kadinaiyon se ladna,

sikshak humein sikhaate hain.

Gyan ki prakash jala kar,

mann me ujala karte hain.

Vidya or sanskar ka dhan dekar shikshak,

jeevan khushiyon se bharte hain.

Sikshak parmeshwar se badh kar hain,

yeh puran batalaate hain.

shikshak hi shishyon ko,

parmeshwar tak pahunchate hain.

Jeevan mein kuchh banna hai to,

shikshak ka sammaan karo.

Shish jhooka kar shradha se,

bachchon unhe naman karo.

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