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Computer Science Vs Computer Engineering (Difference and Career Scope)

Computer Science Vs Computer Engineering

In recent times, the demand of computers is increasing day by day. As a result most of the students go for engineering today. Now a question arise here- Computer Science Vs Computer Engineering: What is the difference? Many students don’t know the difference between these two.

We are here to clear your queries regarding both the courses. Along with this we are also giving you the information regarding career scope after doing engineering through Computer science or by Computer Engineering.

Difference between Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Although both the courses deal with computers but there is a lot of difference between these two. In simple way you may also understand it as-

Computer Engineering is basically deals with designing and building of computer hardware while Computer Science deals with the software side of computers.

CEN is designing of computing devices and structures where as CS is the systematic study of transforming information which includes-theories, practical’s, designing, implementation, applications etc.

Under Computer Engineering, Speech Processing, Display Engineering, Robotics, Computer Interpretation, Sensors topics cover where as computer graphics, parallel computing, networks and protocols, numerical methods, databases, simulation and modeling, operating systems,  software engineering covers under Computer Science.

The main branches of CEN include multimedia computing, Reliable Computing, Testing, Parallel Computing and so on while the branches of CS includes Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Computer Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Operating System and so on.

CEN covers Software and Hardware both while CS deals only with Software parts.

CEN is based on practical as it respect to testing and designing where as CS degree is theoretical in terms of studies of algorithm.

Career Scope

Career scope of CS and CEN is wide as there is full of career opportunities. Both the sectors are considered to be most high paying jobs.

So it depends on your area of interest which field you want to choose to make your career. Both the courses deal with designing and production of computer hardware and software’s. Both are considered to be the two sides of same coin.

There are many IT companies in India which hire a large numbers of Computer Professionals. A BE/B.Tech or BCA/MCA can easily become an IT Professional and can apply in many recruitment companies.

Our official web portal provides you the full information regarding latest recruitments. You may also share your valuable comments and ideas to us through comment box section.

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