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Rupee Falling Down VS Dollar| Indian Government under Political Pressure

Economy and Its relationship with Rupee

According to the studies of economics, there is an inverse relationship among Rupee, Share Price and Gold Price which affects one- another with rise and fall in their value globally. Hence Rupee falling down Vs Dollar is the article written to put some light on the vast emerging crisis of today with Indian Government under political pressure of external influences over the issue.

The government might seem to be helpless in the falling value of the Indian Rupee in the global market but is it really the only reason why our economy is in such a great danger that its market value is crushing day by day?

Here on a possible explanation is provided to reason the cause of such financial crises prevailing in Indian Market and an expected measure that could be helpful in such harsh times.

With the mark reached to Rs.64 and still rising for a dollar there seems to be the gap of two decades have been filled and we are again returning to the era where our economy was previously i.e. to a very compromising position. Each and every effort made by the government to resolve this problem and all the claims made by them for their control over present situation are proving to be hoax.

The government who had limited the imports of the goods and buying of the properties in foreign countries so to stabilise the falling rate of the currency was able to get a temporary hold which lasted a day long but again the requirement of gold and fuel had broken backbone of Indian economy.

Two Main Causes Fall Back Fall of Rupee

The first reason is 100% indulgence of FDI in telecom sector and secondly the 50% of power control in insurance sector to FDI had made Indian Economy look like a mocking issue.

The control of these sectors in the hands of foreign market has weakened the economy of India to such an extent that the overall nation’s growth and development had came to a halt and it might start falling down in coming days.

Effects on Future

At such growing rate of the currency value there are the chances of increase in cost of essential products such as L.P.G and Petroleum products with medical drugs included.

These complications will also uproot the jobs of many employees working in MNC’s as the investment in Indian market will become costly and the companies will have to uproot their branches from our nation.

Let’s see what our elected government will do to come out of this vast problem of Rupee falling Down VS Dollar with a hope that whatever might be the solution it will remain permanent for a long period of time.


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