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Indian Share Market Falling and Increasing Gold Price (Rupee Breaking Records)

It seems that the development of India had taken a wrong route as day by day downfall in the currency value of the country has crippled the economy in worst way possible. Share and stock markets once had a cloud touching rate but it seems that someone has pulled their plug which made them fall without any halt or anyone to uphold their status. Dalal Street that was once filled with brokers has lost its busy schedule and many brokers are now broken with all their dreams stoned to the ground.

  • The fact that still prevails in the market is in such downfall conditions of rupee and Indian Share Market there is jolted hike in demand for the gold which made its price rise by an immense rate.
  • All the policies seem to be failing in keeping up the stock exchange market and demand of gold is still rising thus making the government helpless.
  • Government is importing the gold to keep up with its demand but is it really helping?
  • The answer is NO, it had only worsen the condition and the rate of gold is going so high that it looks like the gold price will soon touch the 34k mark for every 10g.

Depriving financial market of India had made the foreign investors uproot their interest from Indian market and the status fall of 20% is noted in India if compared with the world market.

  • History holds the record that whenever such a breach in currency value and market of any country is noted there had been a downfall which took a decade for them to stabilise their economy.
  • Indian market which is fully depending upon the foreign investment must know that if foreign investors once took their interest off any market it becomes really difficult for that nation to regain that interest or to oblige the investors to reinvest in their economy.

The mode of defending the rupee value should be left by the government and some serious measures must be taken to withhold this problem that had made lot of people unemployed and others on the verge of losing their jobs.

Not only the Government must worry about their citizens but also the overall value of the Indian Market is getting affected in most dangerous form which if not healed soon will get such marks that it will take time of years to get back on a normal track with proper growth rate. The developing market will become under developed and this sign of under developed market will not be a good mark in the report card of Indian Economy.

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