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Bank Exam Model Question Paper with Answers 2015 PDF ( PO , SO, Clerk)

Bank Exam Model Question Paper with Answers 2015

Dear candidates if you are preparing for Bank 2015 exam to get a Post of Probationary Officer, Specialist Officer & Clerk and looking for Bank Exam model question paper with answer in the form of PDF so that you can download and practices them then your journey of searching this information ends here.

Here on this page we are providing you some question with their answers that have asked in the exam of PO, SO and Clerk post. Applicants please read the entire information given on this page as it is very important you are doing preparation to get recruitment in bank. If you want you can also download this information as it is available in the form of PDF in our portal.

Job seekers kindly go through the entire question given below as it will help you to score good marks in the upcoming 2015 Bank exam.

Bank Exam Model Question Paper with Answers 2015 for PO, SO & Clerk

Q.1: The value of x in the inequality 2×2 – x + 15 < 0 is:

A.1: 2

Q.2: What will come in place of question-mark (?) in the following number series?

1. 958, 833, 733, 658, 608, (?)

(a) 577

(b) 520

(c) 500

(d) 583

Ans.2:  (d)

Q.3: The_________are the poorest and most people in our cities.

(a)Homeless, vulnerable

(b) Scheduled castes. Strong

(c)Rural, hardworking

(d)Workers, happy

A.3: (a)

Q.4: A, B and C can do a piece of work in 20, 30 and 60 days respectively. In how many days can a do the work if he is assisted by B and C on every third day?

(a) 16 days

(b) 15 days

(c) 12 days

(d) 18 days

Ans.4: (b)

Q.5: Which of the following is most opposite in meaning to the word ‘CRITICAL’ as used in the passage?

(a) Steady

(b) Complimentary

(c) Approval

(d) Unimportant

Ans.5: (d)

Q.6: What should come next in the following number series?

6 8 8 1 2 6 8 6 1 2 3 68 8 1 2 3 4 6 8 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 ?

(a)  1

(b)  6

(c)  8

(d)  4

A.6: (c)

Q.7: As published in various newspapers, the Experian Credit Information Company of India is going to launch its operation in India soon. At present the only credit information bureau functional in India is

(a) AMFI



(d) None of these

Ans.7: (c)

Q.8: Which of the following is used to indicate the location on the computer monitor?

(a) Cursor

(b) Mouse

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) Screen

(e) None of these

Ans.8: (a)

Q.9: The Name of Abdul Karim Telgi is associated with:

(a) MP LAD’s Fund Scam

(b) Shares scam

(c) Oil for Food Scam

(d) Stamp Paper Scam

A.9: (d)

Q.10: Which of the following has completed 50 years in 2006?

(a) LIC

(b) RBI

(c) HDFC

(d) BARC

(e) SBI

A.10: (a)

Applicants all the information given on this page is prepared by our portal which is portalforjobs.com. Keep browsing our portal to aware of the latest recruitment in Bank for the post of PO, SO and clerk.

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