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XAT Previous Year Papers Question with Solutions | Free Download

XAT Previous Year Papers Question with Solutions

Xavier’s Admission Test (XAT) is an entrance exam which is conducted by XAMI (Xavier’s Association of management’s institutes) for the graduate’s candidates who want to take admission in post graduation from the top most institutes of India.

XAT exam is toughest exam to crack, those candidate apply for this exam should know about the question answers which will be asked in exam. We are providing you previous year Questions with Solutions, you can free download from this web portal which is

Some previous year questions with answer

Q1. Four digits of the number 29138576 are omitted so that the result is as large as possible. The largest omitted digit is

(A) 9 (B) 8 (C) 7 (D) 6 (E) 5

Ans: E

Q2.  A, B, C and D are whole numbers such that

A + B + C = 118

B + C + D = 156

C + D + A = 166

D + A + B = 178

Conclusion I A is the smallest number and A = 21.

Conclusion II D is the largest number and D = 88.

Conclusion III B is the largest number and B = 56.

Ans: B

Q3. ABCD is a rectangle with AD = 10. P is a point on BC such that APD = 90°. If DP = 8 then the length of BP is

(A) 6.4 (B) 5.2 (C) 4.8 (D) 3.6 (E) None of the above

Ans: D

Q4.  A. If statement I alone is sufficient to answer the question

      B. If statement II alone is sufficient to answer the question.

      C. If statement I and statement II together are sufficient but neither of the two alone is sufficient to answer the question.

       D. If either statement I or statement II alone is sufficient to answer the question.

       E. Both statements I and statement II are insufficient to answer the question.

The base of a triangle is 60 cms, and one of the base angles is 60°. What is length of the shortest side of the triangle?

I. The sum of lengths of other two sides is 80 cms.

II. The other base angle is 45°

Ans: D

Q5. A, B, C, D, E and F are six integers such that E < F, B > A, A < D < B. C is the greatest integer. Is A the smallest integer?

I. E + B < A + D

II. D < F

Ans: A

Q6. Rajiv is a student in a business school. After every test he calculates his cumulative average. QT and OB were his last two tests. 83 marks in QT increased his average by 2. 75 marks in OB further increased his average by 1. Reasoning is the next test, if he gets 51 in Reasoning, his average will be _____?

(A) 63 (B) 62 (C) 61 (D) 60 (E) 59

Ans: A

Q7. ABCD is a quadrilateral. The diagonals of ABCD intersect at the point P. The area of the triangles APD and BPC are 27 and 12 respectively. If the areas of the triangles APB and CPD are equal then the area of triangle APB is

(A) 21 (B) 18 (C) 16 (D) 15 (E) 12

Ans: B

Q8. If F(x, n) be the number of ways of distributing “x” toys to “n” children so that each child receives at the most 2 toys then F (4, 3) = _______?

(A) 2 (B) 3 (C) 4 (D) 5 (E) 6

Ans: E

Candidate can get more information about the same. For more information you must visit this web portal time to time.

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