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Top 10 Programming Languages

Programming Language is most important part for those candidates who want to make their career in software field. There are so many programming languages which is beneficial for the candidate because different language has different scope in various MNC’s.

Many candidates do BCA, MCA, B.Sc Computer Science or any related course but they want to take extra knowledge after doing others programming language, today we are going to tell you about top 10 programming language which has wide scope in big organisations.

In MNC’s they recruit only those candidates which has some extra skills because at present most of the aspirants done programming languages but they don’t have proper knowledge. We are giving you the list of Top 10 Programming Languages, for more information read mention below.

List of Top 10 Programming Languages with Creator Name

S.No. Name of Programming Language Creator
1. C Programming Language


Dennis Ritchie
2. C++ Programming Language


Bjarne Stroustrup
3. Java Programming Language


James Gosling
4. Pascal Programming Language


Nicklaus Wirth
5. Python Programming Language


Guido van Rossum
6. Basic Programming Language


Kemeny and Kurtz
7. COBOL Programming Language


Grace Hopper
8. FORTRAN Programming Language


John Backus
9. Lisp Programming Language


John McCarthy
10. Perl Programming Language


Larry Wall has given top 10 programming languages if you want to get more details regarding software languages then you must visit this web portal time to time.

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