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Top 10 Android Apps – Free Download

In this article you are going to read about the top 10 android apps which are very useful for you and with the help of this information you are able to use the top most apps of android.And you can download these from the following given links free of cost and without any registration. Here we are going to tell you something about the android.

It is world’s popular operating system (OS) for mobile devices for e.g. smart phones and tablets which is based on Linux and android has a large community for developing applications and new features for android users worldwide. If you know about the top most android apps then you can do many more things to having a fun that you couldn’t do earlier.

TOP 10 android app

1.    Google Maps

This apps used for the purpose of searching some place. It is used by the GPS navigation and very useful to users. In this app you can save any map which is use by you many times then you can use this map offline also.

2.    SoundHound

This app is very useful and you can funny type as it can help users in identifying the song name. Suppose you are listening to any song and instantly you want to know the name of that song then at that time you can identify that song with the help of this apps.

3.    Bar Code Scanner

This app has another importance because it is very useful to know the information of your purchasing products like it tells you the rate and other valuable information about the product which you cannot understand due to bar code.

4.    App Lock

This application helps you to lock any of your application in your phone which you don’t want to share with anyone and you don’t wants that anybody uses your phone without your permission. This app you have to install on your phone and then you can use this password protection for any of your application of your phone.

5.    Finger Print Scanner Lock

This app is used for lock your phone and protects your phone from any unauthorised use by any unknown person or from that person to which you don’t want to share your phone details. This app saves your android device with any unauthorised access.

6.    International Phone Tracker

This app is very important with the security purpose as now a days there are many cases arises when anyone disturbs others by making fake calls but now with the help of android app you can trace the call number details and the location of caller or even you can get the details of caller’s country.

7.    Call Tricks

This app is used to create the sound effects during a call. It is very interesting app as it creates interest during your phone call. You can try this app for free and gave fun with application on your android phone.

8.    Call Me

This app is used to make face call and fake message and this app can be used for having fun by making fake calls and fake message and you can make fun of your friends.

9.    Cell Tracker

This app used to track your current and latest location which you have just visited and it is absolutely free and doesn’t need any GPS system to track the location and it is easy to use and it’s absolutely free.

10. Instant Heart Rate

This app is used to check your heart beat and as the name itself says about the health monitoring. So this app is a self monitoring app which is very useful to know about your health. By this app you can easily monitor yourself. This app turns your android based phone into a quick and accurate heart rate monitor. It does not require any external hardware to work.

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