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Rajasthan SET Question Paper | RPSC SLET Previous Year Papers

Rajasthan State Eligibility Test (RSET) is conducted by Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC). The RPSC SLET Test will be conducted for 28 subjects such that Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences, etc. gives you many study material for your preparation. On this page, we give Rajasthan SET Question Paper which is based on RPSC SELT Previous Year Papers.

This page will very helpful for you in your preparation of Rajasthan State Eligibility Test. By this Question Paper of SET, you will crack the exam of RPSC SLET in fewer efforts, because, these questions on this page are selected by long research on previous year question papers. In the online exam material, a Job Seekers of government jobs can get other competitive exam previous year question papers. Education Researcher of our team of this website presents the question in SET Rajasthan Previous Year Papers and RPSC SLET Previous Year Papers of the related such that teaching Aptitude, Research Aptitude, Communication, Information Technology and Higher Education System.

You should be following these RPSC SLET Previous Year Papers in your preparation, if you want to select in the Rajasthan State Eligibility Test. If you are preparing for other competitive exam for government jobs, you can collect the study material of related exam from our online web portal.

Through Free Subscription of E-Mails, you can get all notifications of RPSC SLET Exam and Rajasthan SET Exam. On Facebook page of Portalforjobs, you get also notification of government jobs & exams.

Rajasthan SET Previous Year Papers Questions:

1. When was ISRO set up?

A) 1969                                               B) 1960

C) 1970                                               D) 1979

2. Choose the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series :

44, 56, 69, 83, ? , 114

A) 90                                                  B) 98

C) 100                                                 D) 110

3. Economic rent is earned by a factor when its

A) supply is perfectly elastic                    B) supply is inelastic

C) supply is more than its demand            D) demand is less than its supply

4. Who of the following is the author of the book entitled “Social Thought from Lore to


A) Pitirim Sorokm                                  B) C. Wright Mills

C) R.K. Merton                                      D) Howard Becker and Hany E. Barnes


5. What is found necessarily in desert ?

A) Wind                                               B) Watermelon

C) Camel                                             D) Sand

6. ‘Kolla Varsham’ began in:

A) 825 AD                                            B) 824 AD

C) 835 AD                                            D) 855 AD

7. A short cut key used to make all caps:

A) Crtl + Shift + T                                 B) Crtl + Shift + R

C) Crtl + Shift + K                                 D) Crtl + Shift + P

8. If45+ 23 =26, 52 + 18= 18and67+ 22 =46, what is83+ 21 ?

A) 32                                                  B) 26

C) 48                                                  D) 54.

9. Who is the Chancellor of Viswabharati ?

A) President of India                              B) Governor of West Bengal

C) Prime Minister of India                        D) Education Minister at the Central Government

10. Which of the following is not a web browser ?

A) Internet Explorer                               B) Mosaic

C) Outlook Express                                D) Netscape Navigator

Answers for these questions:

1. 1969

2. 98

3. Supply is more than its demand

4. Howard Becker and Hany E. Barnes

5. Sand

6. 825 AD

7. Crtl + Shift + K

8. 26

9. Prime Minister of India

10. Outlook Express


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