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Kerala SET Exam Previous Question Papers LBS Syllabus 2015

Kerala SET Exam Previous Question Papers:

Dear Aspirants! on this page we are providing you Kerala SET Exam Previous Question Papers and LBS Syllabus 2015. Candidates must read the full details carefully to to score good marks in the Kerala SET Exam.

Government of Kerala notifies State Eligibility Test for the candidates who are shortlisted for higher-level teachers. After passing the State Eligibility Test (SET), you will eligible for appointment as Higher Secondary School Teachers in the State.

LBS SET 2015 Entrance Exam, which is the toughest exam of India, which cannot be passed without preparation. Here we are providing you the Previous Year Question paper for preparation

Kerala SET Exam Previous Question Papers and  LBS Syllabus 2015 are unfolded below by the team of Applicants must have a look.

How to prepare for exam

LBS Syllabus 2015

Kerala notifies State Eligibility Test Syllabus or LBS Syllabus 2015. In which, it consider two papers for written exam.

  • Paper I: It contains the general knowledge and aptitude in teaching, which all candidates face. Paper I consist of 120 minutes and contain 120 questions of 120 marks.
  • Paper II: It is a test of specialization subject of the candidates in their post graduation. It is different for all candidates. Like as Paper I, Paper II is also of 120 minutes and contains 120 questions of one mark each of specialization subject except Mathematics/Statics. Mathematics/Statics questions carry 1.5 marks each.

Kerala SET Exam Previous Papers Questions:

1. The theoretical frame that mediates between facts and theory is called

A) Concept                                           B) Variable

C) Research                                         D) Hypothesis

Ans)  Hypothesis

2. Karst topography is characteristic of _______ terrain

A) Granitic                                            B) Basaltic

C) Limestone                                        D) Granulitic

Ans)  Limestone

3. Who coined the term “Merit goods”?

A) Dalton                                             B) Musgrave

C) Marshall                                           D) Lerner

Ans)  Musgrave

4. Which of the following is carborundum?

A) SiC                                                 B) CaC2

C) SiO2                                                D) B4C

Ans)  SiC

5. The number of degrees of freedom of two particles constrained to move in a plane with fixed distance between them is

A) 3                                                    B) 4

C) 2                                                    D) None of These

Ans)   None of These

6. Who wrote Sangita Kalpadrumam?

A) Tyagaraja                                        B) Ramamatya

C) Muthayya Bhagavathar                       D) Ahobala

Ans)  Muthayya Bhagavathar

7. For which of the following numbers all groups of that order are abelian

A) 6                                                    B) 8

C) 12                                                  D) 25

Ans)  12

8. Who won the Magsaysay Award in 2009?

A) Mahatma Gandhi ji                            B) Mother Theresa

C) Swami Dayananda Saraswati              D) Deep Joshi

Ans)  Deep Joshi

9. Which one of the following is known as Human Capital?

A) Returns on industry                            B) Returns on savings

C) Returns on education                          D) Returns on business

Ans)  Returns on education

10. The first Indian Women to get Nobel Prize

A) Mother Teresa                                  B) Indira Gandhi

C) Sarojani Naidu                                 D) Meena Thakare

Ans)  Mother Teresa

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