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Intelligence Bureau Previous Year Question Paper | Model Question Papers

Intelligence Bureau Recruitment 2014

Intelligence Bureau is also known as a khuphia Agency. So many reputed and capable ones are working under this organization. Here candidates are hired by (Ministry of Home Affairs) and give chance to them for serve our nation.

Those eligible job searchers who want to grab the opportunity of Intelligence Bureau Recruitment 2014 and are seriously preparing for the exam of intelligence Bureau and want to know Intelligence Bureau Previous Year Question Paper, we are here to solve your problem giving you solution about how to deal with it. Give English Online Quiz to test your General English and Vocabulary.

There are many students apply for different post with preparation it’s not easy to get job so here we have some questions and model Question Papers with answers which will help you out in facing difficulty. Candidates can Check Knowledge of Reasoning by giving online test.

Applicant can also Get Preparation Tips to score well in the examination. So here we have some last year Question paper by which you can get idea about these questions:

Intelligence Bureau Previous Year Question Paper

Ques. 1 A man decides to travel 80 kilometers in 8 hours partly by foot and partly on a bicycle. If his speed on foot is 8 km/hr and on bicycle is 16 Km/hr, what distance would he travel on foot (in Kms)?

A. 20

B. 30

C. 48

D. 60

Ans 1 (C)

Ques. 2 Due to 25% increase in the price of rice/kg, a person is able to purchase 20 kilograms less for Rs.400. What is the increased price of rice/kg?

A. Rs.5

B. Rs.6

C. Rs.10

D. Rs.4

Ans 2 (A)

Ques. 3 A toy weighing 24 gms of an alloy of two metals is worth Rs.174/-, but if the weights of the two metals be interchanged, the toy would be worth Rs.162/-. If the price of one metal be Rs 8 / gm, find the price of the other metal used to make the toy?

A. Rs.10/gm

B. Rs.6/gm

C. Rs.4/gm

D. Rs.5/gm

Ans 3 (B)

Ques. 4 Three bells chime at intervals of 48,60 and 90 minutes respectively. If all the three bells chime together at 10 AM, at what time will all the three chime again that day?

A. 1 PM

B. 2 PM

C. 8 PM

D. 10 PM

Ans 4 (D)

Ques. 5 Find the last two digits of: 15 x 37 x 63 x 51 x 97 x 17

A. 35

B. 45

C. 55

D. 85

Ans 5 (A)

Intelligence Bureau Model Question Papers

More Previous Year Question and Answers

1. The Battle of Plessey was fought in:

  1. 1757
  2. 1748
  3. 1782
  4. 1764

Ans.  1757.

2.    Under Akbar, the Mir Bakshi was required  to look after :

  1. Military affairs
  2. the royal house hold
  3. The state Treasury
  4. the land revenue system

Ans. Military Affairs

Test your General Knowledge

3.    The Trident- shaped symbol of Buddhism does not represent:

  1. Nirvana
  2. Buddha
  3. Sangha
  4. Dharma

Ans. Dharma

4.    The theory of economic drain of India during British Imperialism was propounded by

  1. Jawaharlal Nehru
  2. R.C Dutt
  3. Dadabhai naroji
  4. M.K Gandhi

Ans. M.K Gandhi

5.    To which kings Belongs the lion capitol at sarnath?

  1. Chandragupta
  2. kanishka
  3. Ashoka
  4. harsha

Ans. Ashoka

6.  Todar mal was associated with:

  1. Music
  2. land and Revenue Reforms
  3. Literature
  4. Law

Ans. Music

7.    The Vedas contain all the truth was interpreted by

  1. Swami Vivekananda
  2. raja rammohan roy
  3. Swami Dayananda
  4. None of the above

Ans.  None of the above

8.    The vedic deity was the goddess of:

  1. Wind
  2. rain and thunder
  3. Eternity
  4. fire

Ans. Rain and thunder

9.    The weekly commonweal was founded by:

  1. Annie Besant
  2. bal Ganga tilak
  3. Bipan Chandra pal
  4. sarojini Naidu

Ans. BAL Ganga tilak

10. Ustad Mansur was a famous painter in the region of:

  1. Shajahan
  2. Humayun
  3. Akbar
  4. Jahagir

Ans. Akbar

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