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ICSE Papers Class 10 Board Exam Sample Guess Question Papers 2014-2015

ICSE Papers Class 10 Board Exams

Dear candidates if you are searching for ICSE class 10 board exam sample guess question papers then you are searching on correct page. Here on this page we will give you some questions that have come in the exam for Class 10 of ICSE board.

Kindly go through these questions carefully because it will help you to get an idea about what type of question that is asked in the paper.

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Sample Guess Question Papers 2014-2015            

Here below are some sample questions for class 10 board exams. Read all the questions and try to solve it as it will help to make your understanding more strong on the related subjects.

Q.1: State the principle of conservation of energy?

Q.2: What is food adulteration? State any one cause for adulterating food?

Q.3: What is meant by Non-Insurable Risk? Give one example?

Q.4: Write a program to create a sequential file “TELEPHONE.DAT” with the fields telephone number, name and address of 20 customers. When a search is given for a particular telephone number, display the details of that customer; otherwise display the message “No such record exists”.

Q.5: What is the difference between the chemical nature of an aqueous solution of hydrogen chloride and an aqueous solution of ammonia?

Q.6: Explain the following terms:

A)   Antibiotics

B)   Diffusion

C)   Hormones

D)   Antiseptic

E)    Destarched plant

Q.7: How did Tilak bring a new wave in Indian politics that was distinct from the early congressmen?

Q.8: What number must be added to each of the numbers 6, 15, 20 and 43 to make them proportional?

Q.9: How is black soil formed? Name one cash crop for which black soil is most suited?

Q.10: Dinesh bought an article for Rs. 374, which included a discount of 15% on the marked price and sales tax of 10% on the reduced price. Find the marked price of the article.

Q.11: the monthly pocket money of Raja and Ravi in ratio 5:7 and their expenses are in ratio 3:5 if each of them saves Rs 80/ month than find their monthly salary?

Q.12: Two coins are tossed together find the probability of getting 2 heads?

Q.13: What are non contact forces?

Q.14: What do you mean by “dispersion of light”?

Q.15: When a “while loop” is preferred over a “for loop”?

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