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IAS Sample Papers 2015 | CSAT Model Question Papers With Answers

IAS Sample Papers 2015

Good news for the candidates who are doing preparation for the IAS exam. We are providing you IAS sample paper for on our web portal which is To get this study material you have visit our portal. All the details are easily available in PDF you can download it and can study as it may be beneficial to you.

If you are preparing for IAS then it is necessary that you must have good knowledge, applicants you must go through the sample paper and the previous year IAS exam papers.

So dear aspirants you should read the sample papers or the previous year exam of IAS as it will help you in understanding the paper pattern and will also clear what type of questions comes in the exam.

Here below are some questions with answer which is provided by our portal which go through it as it will help you in increasing your knowledge.

CSAT Model Question Papers With Answers

Q.1: If the angles of triangle are in the ratio of 4:3:2, then the triangle?

(a) Is obtuse angled triangle

(b) Is acute angled triangle

(c Is a right triangle

(d) Has one angle greater than 800

Ans. (b)

Q.2: In the series POQ, SRT, VUW,—— , the blank space refers to?

(a) YXZ

(b) XZY

(c) XYZ

(d) YZX

Ans. (a)

Q.3: Vijay invested Rs.50,000 partly at 10% and partly at 15%. His total income after a year was Rs.7000. How much did heinvest at the rate of 10%?

(a) Rs.40,000

(b) Rs.20,000

(c) Rs.12,000

(d) Rs.40,000

Ans. (d)

Q.4: Which tree is called the ‘Flame of the Forest in Rajasthan’?

(a) Palas

(b) Neem

(c) Khejri

(d) Paras Peepul

Ans: (a)

Q.5: According to the Economic Survey of India 2010-11, Forex Reserves estimated at __ US dollars?

(a) 245.6 billion US dollars

(b) 297.3 billion US dollars

(c) 285.4 billion US dollars

(d) 113.2 billion US dollars

Ans: (b)

Q.6: An air bubble in water will act like a:

(a) Concave lens

(b) Convex lens

(c) Concave mirror

(d) Convex mirror

Ans: (a)

Q.7: Accumulation of which one of the following in the muscles leads to fatigue?

(a) Uric acid

(b) Benzoic acid

(c) Pyruvic acid

(d) Lactic acid

Ans: (d)

Q.8: The word ‘Secularism’ was inserted in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution by?

(a) 25th Amendment

(b) 44th Amendment

(c) 42nd Amendment

(d) 52nd Amendment

Ans: (c)

Q.9: Indian Army signed memorandum of understanding (MoU) with which of the following nationalized bank of the country to promote defense salary package?

(a). SBI

(b). Axis bank

(c). Indian Overseas Bank

(d). PNB

Ans: (d)

Q.10: In which city of India, first D.N.A. Bank of Asia is established recently?

(a) Kota

(b) Chennai

(c) Lucknow

(d) Jaipur

Ans: (c)

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