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How to speak fluent English – Everyone’s Need

Most of the people said that English language is most difficult language for hardest to learn but with right guidance and training everyone candidate can be speak fluent English. In this article we will tell you about How to speak fluent English, for more information you can read mention below.


Grammar plays an important role in English, without proper knowledge you can’t speak fluent English. Tenses, Articles, preposition, Active passive etc makes your English improve.

If you want to improve your English then you must have these four skills which are readinglisteningspeaking, and writing.

  • Reading: Before speaking you must have reading power; if you have fluent reading capability then you can easily speak. Always try to read most difficult word in less time which increases your fluency. It would be better if you make notebook and try to write most difficult word after reading.
  • Listening: Listening is also most important part in fluency. Always try to listen English songs carefully and put stress on the hard words because if you are good listener then you can be a good speaker.
  • Speaking: After good reader and listener you can be a good speaker because when you know the English words after more practice in reading and listening then you can speak very well but you have to do more practice.
  • Writing: When you will be perfect in Reading, Listening, Speaking then Writing will be simple for you. You will not have to put more extra effort while writing.

If you want to get more expertise in fluent English then you must watch English channels, Like English Movies, Sports, songs or anything which is related to the English, because when you will see you will find the exact pattern of fluency and the face expression while talking.

Make use of the dictionary or thesaurus: At the time of learning English you must use dictionary or thesaurus because it gives lot of benefit to the new comer, you can find new words which is most important at the time of speaking

Be Relaxed and Confident: When you will talk to the other person in English then you should be relaxed and confident, don’t realise to the other person that you don’t know about English. If you are using wrong tenses and words while speaking and you are confident about that than your communication will observe correct, nobody will tell you that you are speaking wrong.

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