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How to get rid from fear of exams – Exam Preparation Mantra

Exams are the way of accessing what he has done during the full year. It is a way to check the candidate where he is stand now and we can say that we can check the ability of aspirants learning and grasping power.

At this time exam fear is the major problem for the student because they don’t concentrate in the class study, in the exam time they read whole night, and take lot of mental stress.

When you see your result and at that time you score minimum marks then one thing will be striking in your mind “oh not again” Why does this happen?

Suppose if you don’t get good result and you are failing in any subject then never mind about that just put the smile on the face and show others that you are worried, just think about your mistakes and try to simplify that mistake.

Today we are going to tell you about How to get rid from fear of exams, for more information you can read mention below.

Well preparation in Advance: If you want to get rid from fear of exams then you should have well prepared before the exam, do regular study, Do one thing whatever you done in School/college make sure that you have to read once at home in the same day. Always make time table for study, give some time to the books which will be beneficial for the exam time.

Make time to relax: In exam time you should not study for whole day, always take regular breaks to relax your mind, take short breaks between the readings, indulge in some kind of games, music, exercise etc. listen soft music, jogging, talking with your family. It increases your mental power and gives more concentration to the studies. Avoid spend time to watch television, browsing the internet because it will not activate your mind rather it makes more fatigue.

Give proper time to revise: Before the exam always revise one or times because in exams you have to learn more than one subjects and if you not revise each topic again then there may be a chances to mix each topic, you can write different rather than asking different. So revise properly to get good marks. Always makes notes at the time of reading which will make it easier to remember topics, and also it increases your writing speed.

Some more tips: Always avoid talking with your friends before the exam that what they have studied, how much they have studied, don’t read new topic before the exam it can increase your anxiety and may be possible to forget old topics.

Always try to do that question in exam first in which you are more confident to write, leave hard question, do that question in last it can increase your confidence level to write that difficult part.

So it is all about How to get rid from fear of exams, if you want to get more information than comment on the comment box below on our web portal that is

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