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How to Build up Strong Vocabulary in 10 Days

Hello friends!!! Welcome to the page where we are going to presents you technique to build up strong vocabulary within 10 days. We know lots of candidates who want to improve their vocabulary power but they don’t know what they have to do this. So guy’s gives you that technique by which you can build up your vocabulary strong in just 10 days.

Get ready to Build up Strong Vocabulary in 10 Days

Vocabulary learning day 1:

Reading: on the very first day candidates need to increase their reading power and start reading different book. While you are reading try to focus on those words with whom you are not familiar and try to get their meaning and make memorising them.

Vocabulary learning day 2:

Make environment to learn: Second day you have to make an environment to increase your vocabulary, which means focus on words how they used in sentences and try to learn them.

Vocabulary learning day 3:

Practice: Day third the only one thing you have to do is practice. Many studies show that while we are repeating or practicing any thing again and again it becomes our natural behaviour part. So keep practicing for all the word you are learning every day.

Vocabulary learning day 4:

Make correlations with words: on the fourth day you need to make a possible connection to the words you learn and the word you already know. That may be connections of opposite words or may be a synonym.

Vocabulary learning day 5:

Use live relation: On day fifth you have to create a relation of new learn word with any picture or thing to make easy to remember these words.

Vocabulary learning day 6:

Use different mediums: On the sixth day you should try to make a habit of come across with the words you don’t know and must remember them. For this you can use internet, different book, dictionaries, etc.

Vocabulary learning day 7:

Play vocabulary games: To build up strong vocabulary you should try to play games which are using different new word like word puzzles.

Vocabulary learning day 8:

Make word list: Whenever you listen a new word must note down in our dairy and in this way you should make a list of new words to increase your vocabulary.

Vocabulary learning day 9:

Test your vocabulary: Now you should need to test your vocabulary power. For this you can play a game or give an online test it will give you a new way to learn more.

Vocabulary learning day 10:

Always ready to learn: On the last tenth day candidates are must be ready and always get excited for new words. This is a main point to increase your vocabulary day by day.

Here we provide you the steps to follow according to day wise. You need to work on then according to the day and on the last day you will find a strong vocabulary power in yourself. Our expert team of advise you to do not cheat with your work on vocabulary, otherwise you will not able to get a strong vocabulary in 10 days.

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