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English Grammar Correct and Incorrect Sentences

Dear visitors! Welcome you on this page. We are providing you the knowledge about the correct and incorrect sentences of English Grammar. Apart from these we are also giving the rules and exercises which help you to learn something new.


Here we are showing you few exercise samples by which you can remove your habits of making grammatical mistakes in sentences, here we going:

See the grammatical errors carefully in the sentences before judging the sentences

S/N Incorrect Sentences Correct Sentences
1 I were very happy I was very happy
2 Toffee taste sweets Toffee tastes sweet
3 I going to get new cycle I am going to get a new cycle
4 He like cats He likes cats
5 I see a horror movie I watched a horror movie
6 Will you like to have some more Would you like to have some more
7 Me favorite color are red My favorite color is red
8 What is the time in your watch What is the time by your watch
9 I prefer coffee then tea I prefer coffee to tea
10 Go and give the that glass of water Go and fetch me that glass of water
11 Chocolates are best than sweets Chocolates are better than sweets
12 It has been raining from morning It has been raining since morning
13 You can read and write both You can read as well as write
14 Ramesh is smarter to Suresh Ramesh is smarter than Suresh
15 How many money do you have? How much money do you have?
16 Cat is on the table Cat is under the table
17 You is my best friend You are my best friend
18 He is greater than me He is younger to me
19 Cigarette smoking injurious to health Cigarette smoking is injurious for health
20 I leaving now I am leaving now

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