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English Speaking Basics Tips and Notes – Explain Step By Step (MCQ Quiz)

English is an official language which is spoken not only in India but also in World wide. This section helps you to learn basics steps of speaking in English.

Speaking in English is not a difficult task but as Practice makes a man perfect. So if you can’t speak you will can’t learn and get command on English.

Steps to learn English

Here are some basic steps to learn English:

  • Firstly you need to monitor the mouth movements of the peoples who spoke better English like by watching English news in television and then try to speak.
  • Try listening English songs.
  • Try to speak in English. Earlier you feel hesitation in speaking but afterwards you will get a good command on English.
  • Record your voice and try to improve your pronunciation mistakes.

Here we are providing you some questions regarding grammar. It will beneficial for you. You can also check your answers by going through that.

Q1. This film is ____________ than his last one.

A)   Good

B)   Better

C)   Best

A1. B)

Q2. I’m hungry! Is there ____________ fruit in the cupboard?

A)   Any

B)   A lot

C)   Some

A2. A)

Q3. ____________ Girls over there are English.

A)   Those

B)   These

C)   That

A3. A)

Q4. If he comes, _________________

A)   We would go to lunch

B)   We will go to lunch

C)   We go to lunch

A4. B)

Q5. Is there ____ who can help me?

A)   Someone

B)   Any

C)   Anyone

A5. C)

Q6. I ate some popcorn ________ the movie.

A)   Last

B)   In

C)   During

A6. C)

Q7. I_______early on Saturdays.

A)   Gets up usually

B)   Usually get up

C)   Get up usually

A7. B)

Q8. Ram______(live) in Boston for the past 15 years.

A)   Lives

B)   Had lived

C)   Has lived

A8. C)

Q9. We stayed in ___ museum near the city center.

A)   The

B)   An

C)   A

A9. C)

Q10. If john studies a lot,________

A)   He might pass the exam

B)   He would pass the exam

C)   He is going to pass the exam

A10. A)

So these are some questions by which you can test your English. You can also read all these information on Facebook and Google+.

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