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English Pronunciation Lesson, Tips and Practice Tutorial

It is most common thing in India that Many Persons speak English, but correct English is spoken by someone. In India, Mother tongue is English, so mostly persons make English pronunciation according to their tongue. That’s of reason, Indian speaks English, but Pronunciation is wrong. Mostly our visitors asked a common question “How can I improve my pronunciation?” Now provides an English Pronunciation Lesson and Practice Tutorial. Hopefully, These English Pronunciation Tips will help you & you will improve your English speaking.

English Pronunciation Tips to make perfect English Speaking

  • Understand sounds of English correctly.
  • Differentiate alphabets which have similar sound.
  • You can record your voice to speak English & match with correct
  • Increase your listening power
  • Give more time to practice HEARING the sounds of English.
  • When you found new word, you hear the pronunciation of the word.
  • Practice for at least 1 hour every day.
  • Decide what kind of accent (British or American) you would like to speak with.

English Pronunciation Lessons

For Vowels:


When we use ‘a’ before a single consonant, the sound of ‘a’ is speak as in ate (the sound is a).

Before ‘l’ and after ‘q’ and ‘w’, ‘a’ is speak as in call (the sound is like ‘aw’), such that- squash, wall.


When we use ‘e’ in the last of a word, ‘e’ is silent, as in ate, fate, etc. In short words, ‘e’ gives a sound of ‘ee’ such that- be

When we use ‘i’ before a single consonant followed by a vowel, ‘i’ generally gives a sound of ‘ai’ , such that- eye, tire.


When we use ‘o’ before two consonants in some words and before a single consonant at the end of a word, ‘o’ sound as ‘aw’, for example- rock and not.




Generally ‘u’ usually sounds as  ‘oo’ , such that- pull, put.

For Consonants:


When we use ’B’ in words ending, ‘B’ sounds silently such that- comb, plumb, numb, bomb, etc.


Usually ‘C’ sounds as ‘K’, such as Cat


It sounds like ‘j’, for example ‘bridge’.


Before ‘e’, ‘i’ or ‘y’, ‘g’ speak like ‘j’, for examples- germ, ginger, gyrate, etc.


‘H’ is sound as in words ‘ah’.


When ‘K’ comes before n, it is used silent, such that- knife, knave, knight, etc.


Before ‘k’ and ‘f’, ‘L’ is used as silently, for example- talk, walk, half, calf, etc.


‘X’ gives a sound like in box (the sound is –ks). When it is the first letter of a word, x is pronounced like ‘z’.


In some words, it takes on the sound ‘ee’, as in city. In yet other words, it takes on the sound ‘ai’, as in fly.

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