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Common Mistakes in English Grammar Made By Everyone

There are many times when we try to speak in English to impress the other person but we don’t have that much confidence that we speak without making any grammatical mistake.

By seeing this type of problems among many persons we are here giving you the article related to “common mistake in English grammar”. After reading this article you merely make any mistake in English grammar. We are giving you the information about the most common errors made by everyone in English language.

Practice exercises on Remedial grammar covering:

We are giving you the eight most common types of errors found in their spoken and written English.

1.    Subject verb agreement:

Always remember that subject and verb must agree with other. If a subject is singular then verb must be singular and if the subject is plural then subject must be plural.

For e.g. The child, together with his grandmother and his parents, is going to the beach.

2.    Modifiers:

Always use Adjective and Adverb at the correct places in the sentences.

First you should know the correct definition of adjective and adverb and then you should learn the rules of these both.

Generally adverbs do end ly to the adjective, like “she sang mellifluously”.


  1. He is a real good swimmer. (wrong)
  2. He is a really good swimmer. (right)

In the above sentences “really” is acting as an adverb to modify the adjective “good”.

3.    Pronoun Agreement:

It is same as the subject – verb agreement rule. Pronoun that is used should agree with its subject. The following are the pronouns used in place of subject and object.

Subject Object
I Me
We us
You you
 He him
She her

Read or learn all rules of pronoun agreement form the book of 10th class of writer “wren n martin”.

4.    Similarities and Comparisons:

Some common and important comparison are made with

Like, as, compared to, less than, other, that of, those of etc.

Now practice some Questions or Sentences from the below given questions:

  1. Shyam has been working on the aircraft project since five years.
  2. When she entered the exam hall the exam already was begin.
  3. Rohit has returned back his book in the library.
  4. Data is being collected by the media

Answers of above sentences are given below:

  1. Shyam has been working on the aircraft project for five years.
  2. When she entered the classroom the lecture had already begun.
  3. Rohit has returned his book in the library.

Data are being collected by the media.

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