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CBSE Class 9 Papers 2012-2013 IX Model Sample Paper Download Free

CBSE Class 9 Papers 2012-2013

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is the biggest board of education in India and its affiliate the large number of school in India. And to know the previous year question paper and model paper first you should know about the paper pattern of class 9th.

There are five subjects in 9th class of CBSE schools and we are giving you the names of all the subjects. As there are more subjects other than these 5 subjects but those subjects are not so important that means marks of those subjects are not included in the main percentage.

Pattern of CBSE has changed since year or two and it accepts the CCE pattern which is Continuous and comprehensive evaluation which is based on US pattern. This pattern is of semester like.

CCE Pattern

  1. 1.    It has two semester exam in a year and has two formative exams in both the semester.
  2. 2.    A semester exam is called summative assessment and a formative exam is called formative assessment.
  3. 3.    Summative exam is of 90 marks and 10 marks are given by the subject teacher according to the performance of student in formative assessment.

In the CCE pattern there is a grade system in which all the students get grades instead of marks in the final mark sheet and the grade system is called CGPA (Cumulative Grade point Assessment).

To know the number of questions in the examination of all the subjects you can also go to its official website which is given here cbse.nic.in.

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Official website

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