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Bank Clerk And PO Interview Questions & Answers

After Written Exam of Bank Recruitment, Next steps for candidates is interview. IBPS, SBI and RBI takes the interview of the cleared candidates to check the behavior, personality, taking sense, thinking sense, reaction of different situations. In the interviews of Bank Clerk and PO, mostly candidates are afraid to face it because they do not have enough confidence. It is not true that Interviews are tough.

Interviewers want only some different ability such that talking sense, confidence, relationship making skills, customers facing skills. They do not ask any tough questions because they have checked your knowledge in written exam. They ask only about yourself and other unofficial questions which are easy to give answers. Every person knows the answers of these questions. provides a set of questions & answers which will help in the interview after passing the written exam.

Interview Questions & Answers:

1. Tell me about yourself?

In this question, you will tell yourself in limited words and important things, because Interviewers ask second question from your intro. So you prepare those lines in your interview which you know very well.

2. What is your father profession?

Second question may be related to your father’s profession. So be preparing all terms which are related to your father’s profession.

3. Why do you want to join bank?

This question is always asked in the interview, so prepared this question with best answer. For example a candidate give answer for this question Sir I am expert in relationship making with others, so I know that I add more and more customers.

4. What is your project topic in your graduation?

This question will relate to your graduation. For example- you told in interview, I have done my B.Tech than interviewer will ask about your project & working of your project.

5. Tell me about your native place?

Sometimes, this question generates at the time of interview. Interviewer asks more things about your native place such that district, state, MP of native place, etc.

6. Tell me something about the organization?

In this question, interviewer will ask about the organization. for example- you go for interview for SBI, interviewer will ask some questions related to SBI such that establish year, current chairman, director, etc. Prepare about organization details.

7. Tell me something your state?

It is most important question in which interviewer ask about your state such that Minister Name, population, total district, some popular things, etc.

8. Asked about some latest News of related Banks?

In which questions, Interviewers want to know from your side that Do you know about the policies of the related bank? For example- what is the home loan interest in SBI?

9. What was your planning for your graduation?

It is simple question to check your planning skills. So you prepare a best answer for this question.

10. Asked about some banking terms-

  • repo rate
  • reverse repo rate
  • bank rate
  • CRR(cash reserve ratio)
  • SLR (statutory liquidity ratio)
  • MSR(marginal standing facility)
  • scheduled bank
  • nationalized bank
  • why banks are nationalized
  • poverty line
  • asset
  • privatization
  • MCC(multiple credit creation)
  • deposits
  • fixed time deposits
  • demand deposits
  • stale cheque
  • currency chest

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