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APPSC Group 1 Previous Papers | Download APPSC Group 2, 4 Previous Papers

APPSC Group 1 Previous Papers

Applicants who are preparing for APPSC Group 1, 2, 4 exams should download the previous year question papers, model papers, mock test and question bank in PDF format online for the preparation.

APPSC (Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission) conducts entrance examination for giving recruitment opportunity to skilled job seekers in Group 1,2,3,4 as per their qualification

APPSC Sample papers helps in understanding about the exam pattern, type of questions, exam scheme etc. Candidates should solve these question papers and analyze their performance meter.

Here we are providing some APPSC Question and Answers which might help you in Group 1,2,3,4 preparation.

APPSC Question and Answers

APPSC Group 1 Question and Answers-

Question 1) If Venus is brighter than Mercury, Mercury is not brighter than Jupiter, Jupiter is brighter than Venus but not brighter than Pluto, then which of these is the brightest?

a)    Jupiter

b)    Mercury

c)    Venus

d)    Pluto

Answer D

Question 2) Which of the following is levied and collected by the Centre, but assigned to the States?

a)    Customs Duties

b)    Stamp Duty

c)    Income Tax

d)    Taxes on Railway farces

Answer D

Question 3) Whom did Time magazine choose recently as its Person of the Year for 2003 ?

a)    The American Soldier

b)    The Google Guys

c)    Jiang Yanyong (Chinese SARS Whistle-blower)

d)    Dick Grasso

Answer A

Question 4) Who authored the Preamble of the proposed Constitution of the European Union?

a)    Cardinal Dubois

b)    Jacques Chirac

c)    Maurice Druon

d)    Valery Giscard D’Estaing

Answer D

Question 5) The South African novelist, J. M. Coetzee, won the 2003 Nobel Prize for literature. Among the following works, which one is not authored by him?

a)    Life and Times of Michael K.

b)    Waiting for the Barbarians

c)    Disgrace

d)    The Napier Straits

Answer D

Question 6) 100% Foreign Direct Investment is permitted in

a)    Export Processing Zones

b)    Special Economic Zones

c)    Industrial Areas

d)    Industrial Estates

Answer B

Question 7) The earliest Europeans to land on Indian soil were the

a)    French

b)    Dutch

c)    Portuguese

d)    English

Answer C

APPSC Group 2 Question and Answers-

Question 8) Ammonia is a compound of

a)    Nitrogen and hydrogen

b)    Hydrogen and oxygen

c)    Nitrogen and oxygen

d)    Nitrogen and sodium hydroxide

Answer A

Question 9) Which of the following planets is similar to our Earth in mass, size and density ?

a)    Mars

b)    Venus

c)     Mercury

d)     Uranus

Answer B

Question 10) Where is the Black Box fitted in planes?

a)    In the cockpit

b)    In the tail – end

c)    In the left wing

d)    In the right wing

Answer A

Question 11) After parboiling, the nutritive value of rice

a)    increases

b)    decreases

c)    neither increases nor decreases

d)    either increases or decreases

Answer A

Question 12) Identify the odd one:

a)    Saluva

b)    Sangama

c)    Tuluva

d)    Vishnukundin

Answer D

Question 13) The Governor-General of India, who proposed shifting the Indian capital from Calcutta to Delhi, was

a)    Lord Hardinge – II

b)    Lord Curzon

c)    Lord Dufferin

d)    Lansdowne

Answer A

Question 14) As per the historic Uttaramerur Inscription, during whose period did village governments flourish in South India?

a)    The Pandyas

b)    The Pallavas

c)    The Cheras

d)    The Cholas

Answer D

APPSC Group 4 Question and Answers-

Question 15) Identify the odd one:

a)    Wilson College, Bombay

b)    Christian College, Madras

c)    Noble College, Masulipatnam

d)    Mayo College, Ajmer

Answer D

Question 16) The fingerprints of Siamese twins are

a)    identical

b)    not identical

c)    identical more often

d)    identical less often

Answer B

Question 17) Identify the odd one:

a)    Jhoom

b)    Bewar

c)    Masha

d)    Bera

Answer A

Question 18) What is meant by ‘Bank Rate’?

a)    The rate at which commercial banks lend

b)    The rate at which commercial banks accept deposits

c)    The rate at which the Reserve Bank lends to the commercial banks

d)    None of the above

Answer C

Question 19) Which of the following lakes is the deepest?

a)    Baikal

b)    Mansarovar

c)    Superior

d)    Victoria

Answer A

Question 20) A child was born on August 18, 1978. It was Tuesday. What day will be his birthday in the year 1986?

a)    Monday

b)    Thursday

c)    Saturday

d)    None of the above

Answer D

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