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Private Jobs Vs Govt Jobs – Which one is better

The most important question strikes the candidate after doing 12th and Graduation that which job is better for him/her Private Jobs or Government Job.

This question arises at that time when candidate searches job and little bit confused. There is nothing to worry about that we will tell you the benefit of both job then you will decide which job is better.

The main reason for opting Private Organisation is handsome salary scale. If you are working on any post then there may be chances to get promotions after 4 or 5 months if you are doing good work and responsible person for the organisation.

At the time of promotion you may get higher salary scale before that because at that time there will be increment in the pay scale if you are promoted to your profile.

Many candidates choosing Government job because of job security because in private organisation there may be chances to leave the job. There is no job security in private companies.

No doubt government organisation pay less then private organisation but there is job security which is most important point for future aspects.

One most important advantageous point in govt sector is the better retirement benefits than private sector job. In private sector you will not get pension or any extra money at the time of retirement but in govt sector you will get all these things which make your old age time bright.

The main disadvantage in the private sector is, if you want handsome salary then you have some experience in other companies, fresher get little salary in starting but when they get an experience then their salary hikes very fast.

Government sector considered being safe and there is no threat of job loss but in Private sector if you have patience and calibre to work under the seniors then you can go for private sector because there may be chances to job loss at any time. If you done something wrong which is not beneficial for the organisation then you may be throw out from the company.

There is one more advantage of govt sector is Time limit, there is fixed timing in any govt organisation, you will work within that working hour but in private there is no time limit because if there is any extra work then you have to stay in the company before completing the work.

In government sector there is no night shifts for work but in private there may chances to work in night because there are so many companies which do work for whole day and night. You cannot say anything to not work in night.

Advantages of Government jobs over Private Sector jobs!

  • There is a benefit of Job Security
  • You can get high Pay Scale after getting some experience or knowledge
  • Working hours is less then private
  • You can get high Promotions
  • At this time Benefits and perks given to the employees.
  • Work stress is less then private.

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