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How to Prepare for Group discussion – Valuable Tips

Group Discussion term comes under the Job interview. This is called GD round; when job seeker completes his/her first round in Job selection whether this round may be written test or any other test after that GD round conducts.

There are some valuable tips which will helpful in Group Discussion:

  • If you want to be reflect in the eyes of the Employers or Adjudicators then try to make initiators, if you have vast knowledge about that topic.
  • Try to make eye contact with others to whom which you oppose the points and seek attention from every one.
  • If you want to add some points in GD then always take permission first for example: let me add some points
  • Always try to speak politely and calmly because it shows your behaviour of how to speak. Speech should be simple or straight forward.
  • Don’t interfere that candidate who is speaking. If you have any strong point against that then let him speak first after that you can represent your views.
  • If somebody shows their views and you think that this wrong then never say you are wrong. Instead you can say i don’t agree with you.
  • If you are not aware of any topic which is discuss in GD then always carry a notebook and pen and note down most relevant points which will help you in future.
  • Never show belligerence and try to dominate other speakers in a discussion.
  • Never exceed your discussion beyond the time limit, always keep your eyes on the watch while discussion is going on.
  • Controversial talk never use in group discussion.
  • Don’t give your own conclusion try to involve in others points.
  • If the discussion is going off then try to make that topic back, it will help you to gain attention in others mind.

On the other hand Group Discussion is very informal, it is not restricted by the others, it should be done between the two parties, one party can speak in favour of the subject and other party should be in against of the subject. This will helpful to make attractive Group Discussion.


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